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This is a DRAFT procedure for requesting to be an Area Manager.


There has been fantastic growth in the use of Waze in the past 12 months. More and more editors are adding to the map, and more and more drivers are relying on Waze for their daily commute or for longer distance travel. With this growth comes the issue of ensuring that each Area Manager adds value to the map so as to continue to deliver an ever increasingly reliable map for drivers. In order to provide this reassurance, the community has requested that a new process be set up to approve Area Managers. This process is outlined below.

Requesting a region

Before submitting a request to be an area manager, please make sure you have thoroughly read all of the UK Editing Guidelines. You must be able to show recent edits that of good quality and that comply with these guidelines.

Then, enter your request via this form: (text to be customised by us)

If you would like to become an area manager, OR -
If you would like to change your area-management definitions - 
please fill in the form below and a representative of the region's 
country-managers will contact you shortly.

Waze username *
Your Waze username is the one you are using to log into the Waze 
application and web services

E-mail *
The email through which the country-managers will be able to 
communicate with you

City/Metro where you live *
The name of the city or metro area where you live and/or drive most 

Preferred geographical area you would like to manage *
The area you would like to manage - either the city/metro name, 
the bounding-box -- LAT/LONG, 
points description (e.g. city-name, intersections etc) 
or the permalink

[_] I have read and understood the UK Editing Guidelines

If this is your first request for an area, then that area will be limited to X square miles.

  • 16 square miles is the area I first requested, and allowed me to edit my town/village.

Procedure for Approval

For each AM application, one of the UK Country Managers will review the recent edits by the applicant to ensure they are of sufficient quality, and provide constructive criticism where necessary.

Discussions will be held in a private part of the forum, and applications will be approved when 4 (?) CMs have given their approval.

A mentor will be assigned to the AM, to provide advice and answer any questions.