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The Wiki Overhaul represents a changing evolution of Waze. The initial version of the Wiki was designed to give information when needed, but, as is common with ever-evolving programs, Waze has added new features, and the Wiki was simply added on to. As such, the Wiki has become an issue of information, rather than a dissemination of information.

In basic terms, the Wiki is confusing, and it isn't used as much as it should be.

Goals of the Overhaul

Standardize the layout of the Wiki

In Progress
As the Wiki has evolved, information has been 'patched' into the existing Wiki. Information has been placed as it has been found, instead of locating the correct place to put it.

Linked: User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Overhaul/Standardization

  • DO limit pages to a single subject.
    If you feel you are defining terms, please move them to a new, separate page and link the term to the new page.
  • DON'T duplicate similar concepts.
    If a subject seems too close to another subject, determine if both pages are talking about the same thing.
  • DO put sub-concepts in underlying directories.
    If you have Standardization in the Overhaul, link it to Overhaul/Standardization so that the structure of moving up the chain can be respected.
  • DON'T put references to single, unique events.
    If you had to deal with an issue on the Waze Map Editor on Par Street, don't give an example and a link to Par Street. Instead, give a theoretical example about the issue, and how it should be handled.
  • DO put disclaimer for dangerous ideas
    If you suggest ways to fix an issue, such as rooting a phone, be sure to put a warning before the suggestion about the complications for doing such things.
  • DO capitalize first letters of page names
    When naming pages, the first letter in page names should be capitalized. After that, only lower case unless you are referencing a person's name.
  • DO suggest other pages when possible to look at, but at the bottom of the page
  • DON'T just link a page, include the base page URL at least, or a short description of the linked page.
    For example, if you link a Youtube Video for a Tutorial, you should put "Tutorial Video on" for the description of the link.
  • DON'T add tonal changes to the text.
    If it sounds like you are pissed, annoyed, or happy, people are less willing to read it because of the emotion involved.

Make all top-level information in the Wiki concise

In Progress
The wiki currently gives way too much information, forcing readers to disseminate through information through multiple scrolls. While information is helpful to give, top-level information should only be given as it is clicked. With popular successful Wikis, information is only given as links are clicked. Expanded information is given when it is clicked through. This goes in hand with standardizing the layout, but is its own step.

Linked: Concise

Do not Repeat Information

Not Started
The Wiki currently has a lot of information. Unfortunately, the size of the Wiki is large simply because much of the information provided is doubled, even tripled up in many cases. Information should not be repeated in other pages. Instead, when another "area of information" is referenced, it should be linked rather than included.

Linked: Remove Doubling
User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Overhaul/Remove Doubling

Make it easy for translators and translations

Not Started
The Wiki is used by many countries around the world. Unfortunately, the wiki is not translatable in its current state. Links should go to the same translation, and links should be provided to go to different translations.


Overhaul Plan

Make Wiki Overhaul in the User:Imper1um/Overhaul space

In Progress
All pages that are going to be used in the Overhaul should be prefixed User:Imper1um/Overhaul to keep it out of the main structure, and editing stream. Since User pages do not appear normally in the Recent Changes (unless they are specifically searched for), this is best so that the Overhaul does not confuse normal users.

Mark old Pages for Deletion/Editing

After the Overhaul is ready for replacement in the original pages, all old pages should be marked with Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Old to signify that the page should be deleted in the Overhaul. This should not be done until the Overhaul is getting ready to be completed.

Lock Wiki for Overhaul Overtake

All pages should be locked while the Overhaul is in Overtake Mode.

Remove Old Pages in conflict with the Overhaul

Once all old pages have been marked, any conflicting pages should be erased or deleted.

Move Overhaul Pages into the Primary Namespace

Pages should be moved into the primary namespace using the Move command whenever possible to retain all current editing logs.

Eradicate or Repurpose all Non-Conflicting Old Pages

After the Overhaul is made successful, all old pages should be eradicated (deleted) or repurposed. Pending repurposed pages should be marked with the appropriate template, while those that are not used should be deleted.

Help Wanted

Task Name Related Page(s) Task Information Claimed By
Translation Translation needs to be done for many pages throughout the Wiki. If you choose to claim this task, please put a link to your User page and say which translations you are willing to do. See task link.
Updated Screenshots: User Manual User Manual Much of the user manual uses old pictures. Some pictures need to be updated (Icons are on each of the pages that need to be updated). This task requires you to have access to an iPhone or Android device with Screenshot capabilities.
Expansion of Simplistic Pages As the Wiki Overhaul has been created by Imper1um, he has spent approximately 30 seconds per paragraph thinking of the wording. As such, much of the information has been compressed to make it faster to come up with the different sections. Not every section needs expanding, but it does need to be done on many pages. See task link

Current Project Leaders

Without Wazers editing the Wiki to make it better, the wiki will never become better. Below is a list of current Project Leaders on this overhaul. If you wish to help, please contact Imper1um.

User Talk Current Project Heading up
Imper1um Talk User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Overhaul Organizing the Wiki Overhaul, Top-Level Stuff