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With the release of WME version 1.6 a major change in how Waze uses and looks at landmarks has gone into effect number one is that they are now called places. In many ways the restrictions on marking places will greatly ease. But that is because Waze has now divided such marks into two types: Point and Area. The below list is fairly comprehensive, but not yet complete. For example it specifies religious places as being points, that is fine for normal houses of worship but for significant locations Such as LDS Temples, The Cathedral of the Madeline and the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, these will remain as areas for the time being. For the full list see the new Places page in the wiki.

Place Page

Any questions, or suggestions specific to our great state should be discussed in the Utah forum any that should be discussed as general options should be brought up in the main WME forums.

When creating places be they point or area please ensure you place as much data as necessary in the description. Name of location and why it is significant if not readily obvious. With both points and places be sure to put the location marker at the place a driver should be led to. Center mass of area places is no longer recommended. But where you as a driver want to be taken too if you search for directions to that location.

For example most parks have a main parking lot. Put the marker in that lot close to where one would enter the lot from the road. Another example, for Post offices put the marker close to where patrons would enter the lot, (usually also near the drop-box lane). Schools near the front entrance to the school but closest to the entry point of the parking lot rather than the exit.

All places can be marked at this time as per the places guidelines linked above except areas for the Major Religious sites and I'd prefer it if we hold off on any bodies of water (since many are already in the water layer) and farmland. That last one will most likely become allowed at a later time for places like Wheeler Farm, but not for general farmland. It must be a destination, not just some random field.

This page may be retired or adjusted with additional state specific guidelines in the near future.