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Live-wazer.png 地図編集インデックス

There are many aspects of editing related to an editors rank and permissions that will control what can be changed on the map and how editors after them will be affected. Be sure to understand this information to be best prepared when editing the map.



There are many ranking systems in Waze. Each one is used for a different purpose. See this other page for more detailed information on the other ranking systems. The below information is only covering Editing Rank.



You can see your own editing rank from the Waze Map Editor (WME) on the top left of the screen. Your rank appears as a series of cones with a number. In the WME when you select a segment, the properties drawer will show you the name of the editor who created and last modified the segment. The number in parenthesis is the rank system scale.

If your rank is lower than what it should be (based on the criteria below), please contact support to have the team look into the situation. Currently moving from one rank to the next higher rank is not automatic and needs assistance from Waze support.

Note: Changes have been made to ranks as of May 2013. Some of these changes are still in discussion and may continue to change beyond what is shown below.

Description コーンの数 編集可能半径 ノート
Admin, System, or Basemap import N/A (staff) N/A Includes segments which have not been created or edited by an actual user, but exist from the initial data import (called the basemap) will show this information.
New users 1 1 mile All users start in this group, unless they are a member of one of the other groups listed
1000ポイント以上 or IGN editors 2 2マイル IGN Map editors are are an extension of the Waze Geo-Ops (aka the Map Team)
10,000ポイント以上とエリアマネージャー 3 4マイル 走行した周囲 4 マイル の範囲の編集が可能です。 また、マネージャとなっているエリアの編集が可能です。走行した範囲から半径4マイルとエリアマネージャーとして申請した範囲の編集が可能です。ただし、上位ランクのユーザーがロックした部分を除きます。 After you get experience editing the area directly around your travels, you can request managing your area through support. Area Managers (AM) can edit anything within their assigned area except objects locked by higher-level editors. Note: Some IGN Map editors may also be rank 3.
100,000ポイント以上 4 4マイル レベルを上げるためにはsupportに連絡する必要があります。
250,000ポイント以上 5 4 miles レベルを上げるためにはsupportに連絡する必要があります。
Waze Champs or 500,000ポイント以上 6 N/A Many Waze Champs will hold this rank to assist the Waze Staff in managing security in road locks. Also if other editors reach 500K edits, they can request moving up to this rank.
Over 500K edits and granted country-wide editing rights 6 Country-wide Once you reach 500K map edits, you can separately request through support that you be granted country wide editing rights for the server on which you participate. This is not a separate editing rank, but the old rank system used that term to refer to country managers (CM). In some countries with rank self management you will also need approval from the other CMs. In smaller countries with no current CM, you can request CM status at a lower rank and if appropriate you may be granted.
Waze admins STAFF Unlimited Currently only paid Waze employees

Many editors will include an image of their editing rank in their signature line. A number of editing rank images have been saved in the Wiki for your easy link access.


Locked segments

A detailed description of locked segments can be found at the Editing restrictions page.