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Abbreviations and acronyms (Australia)

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Abbreviations & Acronyms

Page currently being updated

UPDATE NOTE: The below table has been compiled from the previous version, with removals (Some common-names, as they are not acceptable standards) and additions to comply with Australian, (English) Canadian, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States standards. The words abbreviation/s are used below, however refer to both abbreviation/s and acronym/s.

Other Abbreviations

Prefixes, directional abbreviations and other (non-suffix) abbreviations should not be used, except for state/ territory abbreviations & country abbreviations; under ISO 3166-1 alpha-3.

1. Prefix abbreviations include: Mount (Mt.), and Saint (St.) Note: Mount (Mt.) is not the same as Mountain (Mtn.).

  • Although they are common, can cause issues as variation and overlap exists between naming, usage, and prefix standards (I.e. What words to, and how to, abbreviate).
  • Therefore a lake named "Lake Clair" would not be abbreviated, while if its documented name was "Clair Lake" it would be.

2. Directional abbreviations include: East (E), South West (SW), Central (CN), Upper (UP), and Lower (LR).

  • In addition to not being abbreviated, directions should only be included when they are a part of the documented name, and not a suffix or prefix added at a later stage to describe location or orientation/ direction.

3. Other abbreviations include: Island (Is.), Quay (Qy), Reserve (Res) and Tunnel (Tunl).

  • These are acceptable to be used when they are a suffix, but not acceptable when they are place names.
  • Therefore "King-Tunnel Road" should have tunnel spelt in full, as it refers to a tunnel. While "Queen Tunnel-Road" could have tunnel abbreviated, as tunnel refers to the type of roadway, and is a part of the suffix.
  • Likewise an Island named "Island Island" would be abbreviated to Island Is.

4. The exception to the above is abbreviations for states and or territories; and countries with their three character abbreviation. These contain correct punctuation. Other regions do not fall under this category.

  • For example: California would be abbreviated to C.A. not CA and Victoria to VIC.
  • Country abbreviations are done under "ISO 3166-1 alpha-3". Further information can be found on Wikipedia. (ISO 3166:)
  • Other regions include that of Suburbs, Districts, Localities, Shires and special purpose areas. (I.e. Indigenous, Military and Airport areas.)

Table Colour/ Color Legend

Text to Speech Availabilty
T.T.S. available for T.T.S. supported regions
T.T.S. not-tested
T.T.S. not-implemented
Not abbreviated, T.T.S. available*

Measurement Suffix Abbreviations

Suffix name Standard abbreviation
Kilometre/ kilometer km
Metre/ meter m

Standard Suffix Abbreviations


1. Only abbreviate suffixes.

  • "The Avenue", "The Green ", and etc. should not be abbreviated.
  • "Circuit Avenue Road" would be abbreviated to Circuit Avenue Rd and not "Cct Ave Rd"
  • A road named "Service way" should not be abbreviated, while "Pipeline Service way" should be.

2. Suffix abbreviations do not contain any punctuation, such as "." (Full-stops) or "-" (Hyphens).

3. In the event that the original suffix is a plural (I.e contains a "s" at the end) and only its singular form is present as an abbreviation, simply add an "s" to the end of the abbreviation.

Suffix name Standard, 4-char. abbreviation Alternate, 3-char. abbreviation
Access Accs  ?
Alley Ally Aly
Alleyway Alwy  ?
Amble Ambl  ?
Anchorage Ancg  ?
Annex  ?  ?
Approach App  ?
Arcade Arc Arc
Artery Art  ?
Avenue Ave
Basin Basn
Bayou  ? Byu
Beach Bch
Bend Bend
Block Blk
Bluff  ? Blf
Bottom  ? Btm
Boulevard Bvd
Brace Brce
Brae Brae
Branch  ? Br
Break Brk
Bridge Bdge
Brook  ? Brk
Broadway Bdwy
Brow Brow
Burg  ? Bg
Bypass Bypa
Byway Bywy
Camp  ? Cp
Canyon  ? Cyn
Cape  ? Cpe
Causeway Caus
Centre/ Center Ctr
Centreway/ Centerway Cnwy
Chase Ch
Circle Cir
Circlet Clt
Circuit Cct
Circus Crcs
Cliff  ? Clf
Close Cl
Colonnade Clde
Common Cmmn
Concourse Con
Copse Cps
Corner Cnr
Corso Cso
Course  ? Crse
Court Ct
Courtyard Ctyd
Cove Cove
Creek  ? Crk
Crescent Cres
Crest Crst
Cross Crss
Crossing Crsg
Crossroad Crd
Crossway Cowy
Cruiseway Cuwy
Cul-De-Sac Cds
Cutting Cttg
Curve  ? Curv
Dale Dale
Dam ? Dm
Dell Dell
Deviation Devn
Dip Dip
Distributor Dstr
Divide  ? Dv
Drive Dr
Driveway Drwy
Edge Edge
Elbow Elb
End End
Entrance Ent
Esplanade Esp
Estate Est
Expressway Exp
Extension Extn
Fairway Fawy
Fall  ? Fall
Fire Track Ftrk
Firetrail Fitr
Flat Flat
Follow Folw
Footway Ftwy
Foreshore Fshr
Formation Form
Freeway Fwy
Front Frnt
Frontage Frtg
Gap Gap
Garden Gdn
Gardens Gdns
Gate Gte
Gates Gtes
Glade Gld
Glen Glen
Grange Gra
Green Grn
Ground Grnd
Grove Gr
Gully Gly
Heights Hts
Highroad Hrd
Highway Hwy
Hill Hill
Interchange Intg
Intersection Intn
Junction Jnc
Key Key
Landing Ldg
Lane Lane
Laneway Lnwy
Lees Lees
Line Line
Link Link
Little Lt
Lookout Lkt
Loop Loop
Lower Lwr  ?
Mall Mall Mall
Manor  ? Mnr
Meadow  ? Mdw
Meander Mndr  ?
Mew Mew  ?
Mill Mill Ml
Motorway Mwy Mtwy
Mount Mt  ?
Mountain  ? Mtn
Nook Nook  ?
Neck  ? Neck
Orchard  ? Orch
Outlook Otlk  ?
Oval  ? Oval
Overpass  ? Opas
Parade Pde Pde
Park Park Pk
Parklands Pkld  ?
Parkway Pkwy Pky
Part Part  ?
Pass Pass Pass
Passage  ? Psge
Path Path Path
Pathway Phwy  ?
Piazza Piaz  ?
Pike  ? Pke
Pine  ? Pne
Place Pl Pl
Plain  ? Pln
Plateau Plat  ?
Plaza Plza Plz
Pocket Pkt  ?
Point Pnt Pt
Port Port Prt
Promenade Prom  ?
Quad Quad  ?
Quadrangle Qdgl  ?
Quadrant Qdrt  ?
Quay Qy  ?
Radial  ? Radl
Ramble Rmbl  ?
Ramp Ramp Ramp
Ranch  ? Rnch
Range Rnge  ?
Rapid  ? Rpd
Reach Rch  ?
Reserve Res  ?
Rest Rest Rst
Retreat Rtt  ?
Ride Ride  ?
Ridge Rdge Rdge
Ridgeway Rgwy  ?
Right Of Way Rowy  ?
Ring Ring  ?
Rise Rise Rise
River Rvr Riv
Riverway Rvwy  ?
Riviera Rvra  ?
Road Rd Rd
Roadside Rdsd  ?
Roadway Rdwy  ?
Ronde Rnde  ?
Rosebowl Rsbl  ?
Rotary Rty  ?
Round Rnd  ?
Route Rte Rte
Row Row Row
Rue Rue Rue
Run Run Run
Service Way Swy  ?
Shoal  ? Shl
Shore  ? Shr
Skyway  ? Skwy
Siding Sdng  ?
Slope Slpe  ?
Sound Snd  ?
Spring  ? Spg
Spur Spur Spur
Square Sq Sq
Stairs Strs  ?
Station  ? Sta
State Highway Shwy  ?
Steps Stps  ?
Strand Stra  ?
Stream  ? Strm
Street St St
Strip Strp  ?
Subway Sbwy  ?
Summit  ? Smt
Tarn Tarn  ?
Terrace Tce Ter
Thoroughfare Thor  ?
Throughway  ? Thwy
Tollway Tlwy  ?
Top Top  ?
Tor Tor  ?
Towers Twrs  ?
Trace  ? Trce
Track Trk Trak
Trafficway  ? Trfy
Trail Trl Trl
Trailer Trlr  ?
Triangle Tri  ?
Trunkway Tkwy  ?
Tunnel  ? Tunl
Turn Turn  ?
Turnpike  ? Tpk
Underpass Upas Upas
Union  ? Un
Upper Upr  ?
Vale Vale  ?
Valley  ? Vly
Viaduct Vdct Vdct
View View Vw
Villa Vll  ?
Village  ? Vlg
Ville  ? Vl
Vista Vsta Vis
Wade Wade  ?
Walk Walk Walk
Walkway Wkwy  ?
Water Wtr Wtr
Way Way Way
Well Well Wl
Wharf Whrf  ?
Wynd Wynd  ?
Yard Yard  ?

Further Reading

Please refer to the following Waze forum for a "Work in progress" list of abbreviations that are being tested, currently available, and proposed: