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Quick settings

Display dimension

The display can be shown either:

  • 2D - in an overhead two dimensional view
  • 3D - a somewhat three dimension view of the map where the items up close look wider and more objects can be seen at once when farther away.


The map display can be set to three different modes:

  • Day - The main map is light in color; typically best for daylight hours
  • Auto - Waze automatically selects between the two modes depending upon time of day
  • Night - The main map is dark in color; typically best for night time hours



Add Settings > General image The general settings cover things that are not covered by the other settings categories.


Select the language of the written text in the app. This doe not alter the voice communication in the app. That would be covered by the Navigation guidance setting below.

Navigation guidance

Select the language and voice for verbal communications from the Waze app. This does not select the written text in the app. That would be covered by the Language setting above.


Select the unit of measure shown in the Waze app as either Miles or Kilometers.

Events Radius

While driving the Waze app will display reports, such as police or accidents. This setting will determine if you only see events that are along your route when navigating or a certain distance from your current location.

Prevent Auto-Lock

This is an on/off option. When it it prevents the smart phone from turning off the display while Waze is the primary displayed application. Turn it off to permit the phone to save battery life when not connected to a power source and just provide voice prompts.

Social and Networks

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Gas Stations and Prices

Voice commands

Account & Login



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