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Formal Mentoring is a great tool to quickly learn the ropes of editing correctly and efficiently. It includes the potential for accelerated rank and role upgrades.

Contact via Social Media

The Arizona editing community communicates using Google Hangouts (GHO) Google+, Facebook, & Twitter. All social media accounts are run by senior state editors, and are not supervised by Waze, nor are they official Waze accounts.

Google Hangouts (Chat)

Arizona has a Google Hangout (GHO) for the state, which is used to chat with local editors and area/state/regional management. If you're a new/existing editor in Arizona or even if you're just visiting and want to relay information to local editors you can do so by clicking the link below to jump into the group.

Join Arizona GHO

Google Hangouts is a free app available on Android and iOS devices. You also can use an extension in the Chrome Web Browser to access this chat. Go to for more information.

Arizona on Twitter

The Arizona Twitter account is where we post real-time closure notifications. These are mainly due to crashes, weather, or other incidents. Long term closures are usually shared on the G+ page. We also interact with other Twitter users here.

Waze Arizona on Twitter

Arizona on Google+

The Arizona Google+ community, is our primary means of communication with app users and editors who do not use GHO. Our Google+ page is located at Waze Arizona Google+ Community.

This is where we do the most communicating regarding waze map editing, closures, massive/long term construction projects, etc.

Arizona on Facebook

Our Facebook account echos all Twitter posts, and provides us the ability to post more detailed information, similar to G+. This is where we share information on local closures, construction, traffic trivia, and any other information related to Waze and driving in Arizona.

Waze Arizona on Facebook