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Assistant Regional Coordinator/USA

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Assistant Regional Coordinator

Carl's comment: Until relatively recently thing worked on consensus. And most of the US Champs seem to be bold enough to voice their objections. In the absence of any objection to a RC adding any particular ARC, it should basically be assumed that no one has any reason to vote no in a poll. So I would suggest that the ARC selection should also be champ-community driven, but in the absence of any objection to a proposed promotion there is no reason for an election.

Orbit: This entire group is made out of champs. We voted every single of them to be in this group. That means that we have some level of confidence and trust in them to be able to assist RCs with the AM applications and other promotions. The decision to assign ARC(s) is up to the RC. Due to the fact that in most cases (if not all) the ARC is is in the same region as the RC and already working together with the RC. Often, RCs consult with their local SMs, CMs and LCs for an advice. This is an extension of that thought. RCs can assign a person to be their support person as long as the person is a LC. ARCs primary goal to help with the AM applications. Any major changes etc still falls on to RC as usual. The level of collaboration is up to the parties involved. If the RC does step down that does not mean that ARC automatically steps in... because we should go through the new voting procedure that we have been setting up.

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