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Atbalsts un palīdzība

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Šajā lapā pašlaik notiek izmaiņas. Redzamā informācija jāuzskata par projektu, daļa ir novecojusi, tātad vēl nav gatava lietošanai. Saturs tiek gatavota ar vienu vai vairākiem lietotājiem. Neveiciet izmaiņas pirms neesat ievietojuši ziņojumu šajā forumā.
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How do I get support for my Waze question?

Waze is a community driven application. In order to keep the application free to everyone, the community does what it can to be self-sufficient with support needs. For this reason there is a recommended process everyone is asked to use in order to help answer the hundreds of questions that come in every day.

There are three sources of support for Waze:


The Wiki is full of information on the back end Waze Map Editor (WME). Should you look for information about the mobile device application, please refer to the Waze Help Center. In the search box enter your topic of interest. You may be presented with a particular page on your topic, or you might get a list of possible topics. If you don't find what you are looking for try to use alternate words to describe your topic. Ultimately if you do not find what you are looking for try the forums next.


The forums are primarily for community-based support meaning the vast majority of the questions posed there will be answered by fellow Waze users and editors. Many of these Wazers are very experienced and typically know where to find the answer to your question if you cannot find it. Some of the forums are also monitored by Waze staff and will also post announcements on some of the forums for everyone to see.

There are cases where the forum experts will tell you that you need to fill out a support ticket. This is covered under the Waze Help Center section next.

Waze Help Center

Answers to general questions, especially in concern to the Waze app, can be found in the Waze Help Center. Access the Help Center by visiting or by clicking support at the top of the Waze website.

Once on the Help Center page, click to see dropdown menus of various topics, or type in a few keywords into the search bar. Topics ranging from Missing Points, log in issues, blank maps, and more can be found in the helpcenter. If your question is not covered try alternate terms and/or wording.

Check out the Known issues in this version topic for problems Waze is aware of and currently working on a fix.
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