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Australian City Names

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The Problem With Some Australian City Names

Some Australian suburb (City) names are not unique inside Australia. For example, there is a Newport in New South Wales, Queensland, and in Victoria. Likewise there is a Newtown in three states as well.

How Waze Currently Deals With Australian Cities

Non-unique City names can create problems with Waze placing suburb name labels in the wrong place, as well as potentially offering a route that goes to another state instead of to the right street in a nearby City. The boundary of a City might stretch over three or more states. As of this time (10 March 2013), Waze seems to treat each country as a separate State in the Waze World Server, as compared with the USA Waze Server the State is the actual state name in the USA. The effect of this is that there is no separate field for the state in which a City resides so as to differentiate it from the same City in another state in Australia.

If you are editing the map in WME, and have the City layer turned on, you might see a city polygon extending somewhere off the edge of the map instead of being a nice contained region. This can be due to mislabelling of Streets or Landmarks, or it can be due to a non-unique City across Australian states.

Recommendation for Naming Australian Cities

Until such time as Waze fixes the World server to include a separate field for states within Australia, it is recommended to name each City in the following way:

"<City>, <State>", where <City> is the name of the city or suburb, and <State> is the two or three letter shortened form of the state's name in capital letters: one of {ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, VIC, WA}.

By appending a comma, a space, then the state to the end of the City name, it will make the suburb unique within Australia and remove some of the problems outlined above.

Example, "Newport, NSW", "Newport, QLD" and "Newport, VIC"

One of the disadvantages to this naming convention is that each suburb label in the Waze client will be slightly longer 4 or 5 characters to accommodate this state suffix.

A City should have all Streets and Landmarks labelled consistently, so there isn't Newport and Newport, NSW labels showing on the client screen simultaneously.

"Smudged" Australian Cities

Occasionally you might see a label of an Australian city in an inappropriate place, far from the place where it is meant to be. This may be the result of an incorrect filled-in City field that has extended that City well beyond of where it should be (a "Smudged" city), or it might be a Zombie City. Zombie cities are shown on the map, but you can't locate a Street or a Landmark that has this City and sufficient time has elapsed for the old City name to have been flushed in a tile update. Make sure that you check Railroad street segments as well, as they don't seem to be picked out in WME Color Highlights as belonging to a particular City.

The main Wiki has a page specifically written to identify city names in inappropriate places - "smudged" cities at: Smudge Cities Link

Occasionally, even if you have fixed up all the City fields, there may remain a city label that remains for no good reason. If you do find such a label, raise it as an issue in the Waze Australian Support Forums, and this might have to be escalated as an issue to Waze support if nobody else can fix the issue.