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Australian Code of Conduct

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This page serves as a guideline for all Wazers, willing to contribute to the Australian map.

Lot of pages exist in the Wiki, showing and telling what has to be done to edit the map. We here in Australia decided to also state, how we would like to see the work done.

  • Every Wazer, regardless of his rank or origin, is encouraged and welcome to contribute to the Australian map. Nevertheless anyone is required to act in the herestated manner and to follow the rules stated in the Australian Wiki.
  • We expect all map editors to regulary visit the Australian forum. Though we would appreciate a line from you too, you're not required to post there, but to keep in touch with the thoughts and various projects running in the community (i.e Servos, that's what we call a Gas-station here)
  • Allways keep in mind, that everyone of us is vouluntarily giving its time to Waze, noone is a Waze empoyee. So please respect that everybody has a private live too, and include this when expecting an answer - be it in the forum of via a PM.
  • Work toghether and not against one another. Allways keep a look on the timestamp, when considering to change existing elements. If it has been edited recently, it might still be under construction by the last editor. If you think, something has to be done immediately please get in contact with the last editor via PM.
  • We expect that all activities concerning Waze in Australia are carried out in a spirit of mutual respect and we want you to show it. So keep the wording nice and friendly - and don't be shy using the "thank you"-button if you get an answer to a question or help with a problem.

We are serious with this and already hired a guy to enforce this rules if necessary:

file will be displayed later - currently still hiding (=not uploaded)