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Australian Duplicate Cities

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Name State
Abington NSW
Abington QLD
Alma SA
Alma WA
Amaroo NSW
Amaroo ACT
Araluen NSW
Araluen QLD
Aratula NSW
Aratula QLD
Argoon NSW
Argoon QLD
Argyle NSW
Argyle WA
Auburn QLD
Auburn SA
Bald Hills NSW
Bald Hills SA
Bamboo QLD
Bamboo WA
Bannister NSW
Bannister WA
Barratta NSW
Barratta QLD
Binna Burra NSW
Binna Burra QLD
Birdwood NSW
Birdwood SA
Black Mountain NSW
Black Mountain QLD
Black Springs NSW
Black Springs SA
Bonython SA
Bonython ACT
Booral NSW
Booral QLD
Breadalbane NSW
Breadalbane QLD
Brindabella NSW
Brindabella ACT
Broke NSW
Broke WA
Broughton NSW
Broughton QLD
Buchanan NT
Buchanan QLD
Buchanan SA
Buckingham QLD
Buckingham SA
Buckingham WA
Buckland QLD
Buckland WA
Bundanoon NSW
Bundanoon WA
Burnside QLD
Burnside WA
Buxton NSW
Buxton QLD
Cadgee NSW
Cadgee SA
Calliope NSW
Calliope QLD
Calvert NT
Calvert QLD
Camboon NSW
Camboon QLD
Camp Creek NSW
Camp Creek NT
Camp Creek QLD
Carrington NSW
Carrington QLD
Charlton NSW
Charlton QLD
Chatsworth NSW
Chatsworth QLD
Chichester NSW
Chichester WA
Clare NSW
Clare QLD
Clarendon QLD
Clarendon SA
Colinton NSW
Colinton QLD
Collie NSW
Collie WA
Collinsville QLD
Collinsville SA
Coolgardie NSW
Coolgardie WA
Coppabella NSW
Coppabella QLD
Corndale NSW
Corndale QLD
Cottonvale NSW
Cottonvale QLD
Cross Roads NSW
Cross Roads SA
Crystal Creek NSW
Crystal Creek QLD
Cunningham QLD
Cunningham SA
Curramore NSW
Curramore QLD
Darlington NSW
Darlington QLD
Deep Creek QLD
Deep Creek SA
Deep Creek TAS
Deepwater NSW
Deepwater QLD
Deepwater SA
Delamere NT
Delamere SA
Donnybrook QLD
Donnybrook WA
Dunkeld NSW
Dunkeld QLD
Ebenezer QLD
Ebenezer SA
Edith NSW
Edith NT
Eight Mile Creek QLD
Eight Mile Creek SA
Elgin QLD
Elgin WA
Elliott NT
Elliott QLD
Emu Flat SA
Emu Flat WA
Ettrick NSW
Ettrick SA
Eungella NSW
Eungella QLD
Eureka NSW
Eureka QLD
Federal NSW
Federal QLD
Fernvale NSW
Fernvale QLD
Fisher SA
Fisher ACT
Flying Fox NT
Flying Fox QLD
Flynn WA
Flynn ACT
Forest Hill QLD
Forest Hill WA
Forrest WA
Forrest ACT
Forrest Beach QLD
Forrest Beach WA
Forster NSW
Forster SA
Garden Island SA
Garden Island WA
Georgina QLD
Georgina WA
Gilmore NSW
Gilmore ACT
Gin Gin NSW
Gin Gin QLD
Girraween NT
Girraween QLD
Gladstone NSW
Gladstone SA
Glanmire NSW
Glanmire QLD
Glencoe NSW
Glencoe QLD
Glencoe SA
Glencoe WA
Glenrock NSW
Glenrock QLD
Glenroy NSW
Glenroy QLD
Glenroy SA
Gordon SA
Gordon WA
Gordon ACT
Granville QLD
Granville WA
Greenhill NSW
Greenhill SA
Gregory NT
Gregory QLD
Gregory WA
Halls Creek NSW
Halls Creek WA
Hampden QLD
Hampden SA
Hart NT
Hart SA
Hawker SA
Hawker ACT
Henty NSW
Henty WA
Hidden Valley NT
Hidden Valley QLD
Hill River SA
Hill River WA
Holder SA
Holder ACT
Hopeland QLD
Hopeland WA
Howick NSW
Howick WA
Hughes NT
Hughes ACT
Inglewood QLD
Inglewood SA
Inkerman QLD
Inkerman SA
Ironbark NSW
Ironbark QLD
Jackson QLD
Jackson WA
Jericho QLD
Jericho SA
Kia Ora NSW
Kia Ora QLD
Kianga NSW
Kianga QLD
Kingsford SA
Kingsford WA
Kingston WA
Kingston ACT
Kintore NT
Kintore WA
Lilydale NSW
Lilydale QLD
Limestone NSW
Limestone QLD
Linden QLD
Linden WA
Long Flat NSW
Long Flat QLD
Long Flat SA
Lumeah QLD
Lumeah WA
Lyons QLD
Lyons ACT
Maitland SA
Maitland WA
Manton NSW
Manton NT
Margaret River NT
Margaret River WA
Maryvale NSW
Maryvale SA
Mawson WA
Mawson ACT
Melrose QLD
Melrose SA
Menzies SA
Menzies WA
Middleton QLD
Middleton SA
Midgee QLD
Midgee SA
Millbrook SA
Millbrook WA
Millstream QLD
Millstream WA
Mimosa NSW
Mimosa QLD
Mingoola NSW
Mingoola QLD
Mitchell QLD
Mitchell SA
Mitchell ACT
Moresby QLD
Moresby WA
Mount Cooper NSW
Mount Cooper SA
Mount Hope NSW
Mount Hope SA
Mount Lindesay QLD
Mount Lindesay WA
Mount Observation SA
Mount Observation WA
Mount Walker QLD
Mount Walker WA
Mountain Creek NSW
Mountain Creek QLD
Myall Park NSW
Myall Park QLD
Nicholson NT
Nicholson QLD
North Arm NSW
North Arm QLD
North Beach SA
North Beach WA
Oakdale NSW
Oakdale QLD
Oakwood NSW
Oakwood QLD
Osborne NSW
Osborne QLD
Palmer QLD
Palmer SA
Palmer WA
Palmwoods NSW
Palmwoods QLD
Paradise NSW
Paradise WA
Parkes NSW
Parkes ACT
Paterson NSW
Paterson QLD
Peak Hill NSW
Peak Hill WA
Pine Creek NT
Pine Creek QLD
Pine Creek SA
Pomona NSW
Pomona QLD
Ramsay QLD
Ramsay SA
Ravenswood NSW
Ravenswood QLD
Ravenswood WA
Ravensworth NSW
Ravensworth QLD
Red Hill WA
Red Hill ACT
Redgate QLD
Redgate WA
Ringwood NSW
Ringwood QLD
Rocky Gully SA
Rocky Gully WA
Rocky Plain NSW
Rocky Plain SA
Rosedale NSW
Rosedale SA
Sandilands NSW
Sandilands SA
Sandy Creek QLD
Sandy Creek SA
Sandy Gully NSW
Sandy Gully WA
Sebastopol NSW
Sebastopol SA
Silverdale NSW
Silverdale QLD
Silverton NSW
Silverton SA
Southern Cross QLD
Southern Cross WA
Spence SA
Spence ACT
Spring Mountain NSW
Spring Mountain QLD
Springdale NSW
Springdale QLD
Springfield NSW
Springfield WA
Springside NSW
Springside QLD
St Kilda QLD
St Kilda SA
Stockyard Creek NSW
Stockyard Creek SA
Sunnyside SA
Sunnyside WA
Swan Creek NSW
Swan Creek QLD
Tanami NT
Tanami WA
Tara NSW
Tara NT
Tara QLD
Taunton QLD
Taunton SA
The Glen NSW
The Glen QLD
The Pines QLD
The Pines SA
Theresa Creek NSW
Theresa Creek QLD
Torrington NSW
Torrington QLD
Wallaroo NSW
Wallaroo QLD
Wallaroo SA
Wallaroo WA
Wandana SA
Wandana WA
Warroo NSW
Warroo QLD
Washpool QLD
Washpool SA
Waterloo QLD
Waterloo SA
Waterloo WA
Wattle Flat NSW
Wattle Flat SA
Wattle Ridge NSW
Wattle Ridge QLD
Wellesley QLD
Wellesley WA
Westwood NSW
Westwood WA
Wickham NT
Wickham WA
Wilton NSW
Wilton NT
Windeyer NSW
Windeyer QLD
Woodleigh QLD
Woodleigh SA
Woodleigh WA
Worlds End NSW
Worlds End SA
Wrights Creek NSW
Wrights Creek QLD
Wyndham NSW
Wyndham WA
Yarraman NSW
Yarraman QLD