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Welcome to the Belgium WIKI

In this stage we only use English to keep it simple. In the near future we can consider to change this...

Give us some time to expand this page. When we are ready you will find here lots of useful information for the Belgium Waze community. For the moment, if you have any (urgent) questions, please visit the Belgium Forum


Check this info before starting with editting! Here you will find the Belgium rules. You have to use those prior the basic Waze rules!


As source for citynames, and how they are written, please use the following list. Use ViaMichelin map to see cityborders. The name as displayed in ViaMichelin are not always exactly the same as our list. If you are not shure, try to use zipcode or please ask at the Belgium forum.

On this moment all citynames are added to the Waze database. If that's done, the database will be locked for adding other citynames. All citynames that are added to the database, can only be used in the area where it belongs. If you find some problems with that, also let us know at the forum.

Official Waze citynames for Belgium

Roadtypes and labeling

How to Label roads

Progression N & R-roads

Checklist N & R roads

Belgium Area Managers

Please add your details to this list, so we have an idea who's responsible for which area.

List of Belgium Area Managers | Edit list