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Benelux announcement:

We are currently converting the Benelux pages to fit the new translate tool. This may result in to strange results in the layout. If you notice something that does not seems right, pleas let us know.

  • Parking lots: richtlijnen(en)
  • Roads through Gas stations
  • Entrance and exit roads of parking lots and gas stations, both near freeways and regular roads.
  • Drive-Through

The roads from, to and through gas stations, parking lots, are not given a streetname, unless it's an official street. Please don't use names like 'Parkeerplaats Theater'. The name of a parking lot can be added as name of a landmark. This way the streetnames aren't showing up on the map multiple times. ToDoItem.png ToDo: Niet elke weg intekenen

Road type Icon Street City Lock
Parking Lot Road

ParkingLotRoad ShoppingCenter.png