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Benelux Pedestrian Boardwalk

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Benelux announcement:

The information on these pages is adapted to the situation and working of Waze in the countries of the BeNeLux. At the top of the page you can select the language of your choice. Pages that are not updated within the last half year may be out of date. Please do not change anything without consulting the local team. Any questions, remarks or ideas are welcome in this forum.

We often get the question, how do we map non-drivable or restricted acces roads. Please check this overview to get the correct road type: Benelux Non-drivable

When to add a Pedestrian Boardwalk or not:

Because Waze is only designed to use in a car, Pedestrian Boardwalks (PBs) are often not necessary. PBs are used for 'roads' that are inaccessible by car and that don't have a possible destination.

  • Bicycle paths
  • Walking paths

In the following cases, PBs can or should be added to the map:

  • if navigation is unclear without them
  • if the map is unclear without them
  • if it can lead users to and from a Parking Lot Place. This is to allow Waze to estimate better walking times to parking lots.

How to add a Pedestrian Boardwalk

If according to above guidelines a PB can be added, set the direction to unknown. Since October 2016 Pedestrian Boardwalks must also be connected to other roads.

All necessary PBs should be locked to level 3.

How to handle existing unnecessary Pedestrian Boardwalks

Starting editors try to make the map as realistic as possible and often start adding PBs that appear to be missing. There are two viewpoints on how to handle existing unnecessary PBs.

  • Leaving them, could encourage other editors to draw even more.
  • Removing them, could result in the same PBs being added over and over again.

It is up to the Area Manager or Regional Manager to choose between these options. Be aware that the presence of PBs could promote the use of Waze by cyclists and walkers. This leads to incorrect data.

Please contact a local AM or RM if you see a PB that should probably be deleted and you can't edit it yourself. If a unnecessary PB was added less than about six months ago, try to contact the editor who added it. And explain to him/her why you think the segment should be deleted. don't forget to add a link to this page in your communication.

It is important to lock necessary PBs to level 3. This way Area Managers and Region Managers remain responsible for how many PBs are mapped.

If there is doubt about using this road type, just ask the community, in the forum or on Slack©.

Road type Icon Street City Direction Lock
  • PB (all others)
  • unknown
  • 3

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