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Benelux announcement:

The information on these pages is adapted to the situation and working of Waze in the countries of the BeNeLux. At the top of the page you can select the language of your choice. Pages that are not updated within the last half year may be out of date. Please do not change anything without consulting the local team. Any questions, remarks or ideas are welcome in this forum.

  • Bicycle paths
  • Walking paths
  • Pedestrian zones

Pedestrian Boardwalks are often not necessary to use, because Waze is solely meant for drivers. They should only be added when it improves navigation for the driver! They, as all non-drivable roads, shouldn't be connected to drivable roads. This way, we can prevent routing to use this type of roads.

General exceptions for drawing non-drivable roads:

  • if navigation is unclear without them
  • if there aren't alternative ways leading to the destination
  • to prevent automatic Map Problems (MP’s), because of cyclists, walkers or travellers with public transport who use Waze (Aaargh)
  • to separate different speed tracks, for keeping speed data accurate
  • the segment contains housenumbers

BeNelux convention on using Pedestrian Boardwalk
(only if one of the above arguments count): Pedestrian Boardwalk are used for Bicycle paths, Walking paths, and Pedestrian zones. They are generally set to driving direction Unknown, except for non-drivable segments containing housenumbers: they should be connected with the driving direction on two-way.

Be aware that adding Pedestrian Boardwalks can even generate the use of Waze by cyclists and walkers, which would lead to corrupt data! Walking trails and Pedestrian Boardwalks that are not necessary should be deleted, even if they do not disturb the routing. Its presence will encourage other editors to add even more!

When you have any doubt on using this type, just ask in the forum or on Slack©...

Road type Icon Street City Direction Lock
Pedestrian boardwalk

Two way (⇄)


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