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{{Benelux Header}}
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== <translate><!--T:3-->
Geometry</translate> ==
=== <translate><!--T:4-->
Keep It Simple/Stupid (KISS)</translate> ===
" <translate><!--T:5-->
As simple as possible, as complex as necessary</translate> "
The page is outdated, please visit the [ BeNeLux Wazeopedia page].
KISS is keeping the road geometry as simple as possible, without losing the essential driving instructions.
More info [ KISS]
=== <translate><!--T:9-->
Filter lanes</translate> ===
Filter lanes are '''NOT''' mapped.
Filter lanes don't fit the KISS principle because they are the cause of very complex situations that are hard to manage, while they don't add a lot of value in most routing instructions.
Short segments and extra splits can have a negative influence on routing (extra penalty, incorrect average speeds, ...).
Of course, there is always an exception. If the choice of a filter lane must be made more than 50 meter before coming to the crossing AND the main road and filter lane are divided by obstacles (concrete blocks, ...), it should be mapped.</translate>
=== <translate><!--T:13-->
Ring road</translate> ===
There are roads that could be classified by multiple street types. We think of ring roads (R-roads) which sometimes can also be a N-road categorized as Major Highway. For example, the ring road of Leuven, the R23, has long segments which are also N2 or N3. In these cases we categorize the ring road as Major Highway.
Ring roads which are also freeways, like the R0 of Brussels, are categorized as Freeway.
=== <translate><!--T:16-->
Roundabouts</translate> ===
If you want to add a roundabout, you firstly draw the roads as a normal crossroad, but don't connect the roads/segments. Secondly you draw the roundabout and WME will connect the crossing roads automatically.
A roundabout must always get a cityname but  '''never''' a streetname. The reason for this has to do with the navigationinstructions and road announcements.
A roundabout always gets categorized as the type of the passing through road.</translate>
== <translate><!--T:21-->
Segment Properties</translate> ==
=== <translate><!--T:22-->
Resources</translate> ===
Notice : Be careful using certain sources for editing the map; some policies or conditions restrict the use or duplication of the data and could lead to a complete deletion of the country map.
<center>[[Using external sources]] (English)</center>
=== <translate><!--T:24-->
Country</translate> ===
{{Benelux ToDo|Kort woordje uitleg wat je hier (niet) kunt wijzigen.}}
=== <translate><!--T:25-->
City</translate> ===
Citynames of BeNeLux are locked and can be consulted. For '''The Netherlands''' this can be found via [ Staatsalmanak].
For '''Belgium''' this can be found via [{{?}}key{{=}}0ApiZ3s2yD76ZdGtCR2tOeUU1cnEzanRoRDcwWFBHTWc&single{{=}}true&gid{{=}}1&output{{=}}pdf PDF] or [{{?}}key{{=}}0ApiZ3s2yD76ZdGtCR2tOeUU1cnEzanRoRDcwWFBHTWc&single{{=}}true&gid{{=}}1&output{{=}}html HTML].
To add a cityname to a segment, this can only be done in a certain area of the city.
{{Benelux_ToDo|Lijst van plaatsnamen van luxemburg?}}
To determine the borders of every city, consult the map of [ ViaMichelin]. You can search it based on the cityname, but also based on the zip code. Searching based on the zip code can come in handy if you search for citynames which exist on multiple places.
There can be situations where it's not clear. For example, it's possible a city is divided in two, in ViaMichelin. We refer to the Wallon city of Geest-Gérompont-Petit-Rosière. We input the city as one city.
It's also possible the by ViaMichelin used name is different than the name in the list. Stick to the names in the list! Adding a new cityname, non existend on the list, will result in an error when you try to save in WME.
=== <translate><!--T:32-->
Street</translate> ===
All segments should get a cityname, and most segments also get a streetname.
When entering the streetname, we use the streetname in the official language of the area.
For the 19 cities in Brussels area where 2 official languages exist, we use the French version. As a reference, you can find the official language in the citynames list.
As there is a cityname and streetname, it's possible there is also a road number. This road number is positioned before the streetname. Some examples:
N200 - S103 - Haarlemmerweg
N68 - E421 - Route d'Eupen
N451 - Kieldrechtsebaan
=== <translate><!--T:36-->
House Numbers</translate> ===
Since November 2014 it is possible to search for housenumbers which are inputted via the Waze Map Editor and saved in the Waze database.
To support this functionality, Waze imported housenumber data from external sources, in multiple countries, like The Netherlands. This was not the case in Belgium or Luxemburg.
When searching for an address in the Waze app or Livemap, Waze will use the following order to present the results:
# Manual created housenumbers
# Google Maps database
# Imported housenumber data
Bottom line: if you notice a wrongly positioned address/housenumber in the app or livemap, you can change it via the Waze Map Editor. Just give it a nudge and save. Make sure the endpoint is at the right location. This will result to a primarily suggested, correct location.<br />
More information can be read on the [[House_Numbers_in_WME|global wiki page on house numbers]].
=== <translate><!--T:39-->
Elevation</translate> ===
=== <translate><!--T:40-->
Lock</translate> ===
Depending on the importance of a road, it will be used by more Wazers, an error in editing will be more painfull and routing could start doing some really weird things. To prevent this not wanted situations, some of the most important roads are locked on a certain level, in the [[Benelux_Community#Waze_Map_Editor_.28WME.29|Waze Map Editor]].
The correct lock-level can be found on the pages of the [[Benelux_Roads#Road_Type|road types]]. These are mainly used all over BeNeLux.
* If [[Benelux_Community_Levels|your own level]] isn't high enough, you can lock on your max level, and/or you can ask for help.
* If the aerials or streetview deviates from the real situation, it's ok to lock 1 level higher, as a special notice.
* Complex situations can be secured by a higher level-lock.
* Segments subject of roadworks can be locked 1 level higher, as a special notice.
* Segments with a time-based restriction, should be locked on level 3.
If you want to edit a segment which is locked hihger than [[Benelux_Community_Levels|your level]], you can request an unlock via the forum. When requesting an unlock, report the reason for the request and a [[Waze Map Editor#Permalink|Permalink]] to the subjected segments you want unlocked.</translate>
<center> [ Unlock Requests BE]</center>
<center> [ Unlock Requests NL]</center>
<center> [ Unlock Requests LUX]</center>
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