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Benelux Walking Trail

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Benelux announcement:

The information on these pages is adapted to the situation and working of Waze in the countries of the BeNeLux. At the top of the page you can select the language of your choice. Pages that are not updated within the last half year may be out of date. Please do not change anything without consulting the local team. Any questions, remarks or ideas are welcome in this forum.

We often get the question, how do we map non-drivable or restricted acces roads. Please check this overview to get the correct road type: Benelux Non-drivable

Walking Trails are used for all 'roads' where cars are not able to drive but that can be a destination.

Normally these are pedestrian areas. The direction of the segments must be put on '2-way' and segments must be locked at level 3. For public transport, the elevation is set to '-5' and it's locked at level 3.

Notice that this road type should only be applied in the following situations:

  • There are houses or other destinations along the segment (house numbers)
  • The segment is relatively long and separated of the normal road (so this can be used as a reference / landmark)
  • Roads designated for use by bus/tram who can interfere with the normal roads (prevention of pollution of traffic data)
Road Type Icon Street City Direction Level Lock
Walking Trail
(Public transport)
Two way ⇄
Walking Trail
(Pedestrian area)
Two way ⇄

For public transport the following names should be used as Streetname:

  • Métro
  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Metro
  • Tram
  • Busbaan
  • U-Bahn
  • Straßenbahn
  • Busspur

Not needed:

Walking trail unneeded before.jpg

Walking trail unneeded (after).jpg


Walking trail needed.jpg

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