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==View only==
==View only==
Everyone can access most of the public bugs in view mode with no need to login.
Anyone can access most of the public bugs in view mode with no need to login.
==Comment & Vote==
==Comment & Vote==

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Bugzilla is an external bug tracking system used internally by Waze technical teams.

Waze Bugzilla is partially open to the community with different access level permissions in order to make the status of bugs and feature requests visible.


Waze Bugzilla is divided to two main classifications:

  1. Internal - accessible to Waze staff only
  2. Public - accessible to all with different permission levels

Each classification contains different products. There are two public products, each of them also having corresponding products in the internal part as well.


View only

Anyone can access most of the public bugs in view mode with no need to login.

Comment & Vote

This permission level requires a login. A login requires submitting an application.

  • At this time, only the following will be eligible for a login:
    • Local / Global champs
    • Experts / Coordinators
    • Editor/App beta-testers

Bug Submitters

Bug Submitters have permission to post new bugs and are hand-picked by Waze.

General guidelines

  • Voting
    • Vote on what you think are the most pressing issues we need to address.
      • Votes are your method to express your concerns.
We deeply care about the concerns of our community, we consider the vote count, but can not always fit our development to it.
There are other things we are forced to consider such as development dependencies, infrastructure issues, business development, things that are easier / harder to develop, etc.
  • Comment with helpful information:
    • Bugs - ways to reproduce them, description of environments in which they occur, examples.
    • Requirements - specific use cases which are difficult to perform with the current implementation.
  • If you want to add comments with irrelevant information such as off-topic reproduction of other issues, requests, opinions, social interaction, etc - please post it in the forums.
(irrelevant comments will be deleted)
  • Before asking our experts to open a new bug report, please verify that it hasn't been already reported.

Public Products