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This page is currently in development and not yet complete.

The following frequently asked questions cover those related to the Bugzilla tracking system and how to use it to report and track problems and issues with Waze products. For general Waze product FAQs, please see the Waze FAQ.

Who are the people who use Waze Bugzilla?

Anyone can search the Bugzilla database to see what problems and issues have already been reported. That way you can determine if what you are experiencing is already known. Most users will not have access to enter new bugs in the system to minimize duplicate bug entry. If you think you have a new bug or issue please come to the forums (add specific forum link here) to discuss the issue first after searching the Bugzilla database. Some issues may be known, but not yet added while data is being collected and your information could help that effort. See the article Community Bugzilla for more information on who can enter new Bugzilla issues.

What's the difference between Bugzilla and Centercode?

Bugzilla is for reporting bugs and issues on currently released products. Centercode is for reporting bugs and issues on products still in beta.

Where should we report bugs related to routing and search?

  • Bugs related to routing should be reported as App (Public) > Navigation.
  • Bugs related to search should be reported as App (Public) > Search.

How do you search Bugzilla?

There are a number of settings that can be used to help isolate only particular problems to simplify searches. See Bugzilla how to guide for specific details.