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This page is a how-to guide detailing how to use Waze's Community Bugzilla.

Viewing submitted bugs

Viewing is open to all users and does not require a login.


In the main screen of Waze's Bugzilla, select "Browse" toward the top left of the screen. Bugzilla1.png

  • You will see the following screen:


  • Select App for bugs in the Waze client application


  • Select Map Editor for bugs in the Waze Map Editor


  • Selecting a component from either screen will lead you to a screen of relevant bugs:


  • ID: Each bug gets a number for easier search in the future
  • Product: Either App or Editor
  • Comp: This is the component you selected
  • Status: The current status of the bug
  • Text: A simple change of text in the UI - will be addressed according to severity and rank
  • Beta: Will be fixed by next beta build
  • Current: Will be fixed by an upcoming official version release
  • Next: Will be fixed by the next official version release
  • Future: No current ETA for fix
  • UNCONFIRMED - All initial reports start with this status. It stays here until the Waze team does an initial review of the report.
  • CONFIRMED - The report is understood and/or can be reproduced.
  • NEED INFO - The Waze team was unable to reproduce the report with the information provided.
  • IN PROGRESS - The report is currently being worked.
  • RESOLVED - The issue has been fixed or developed and should be deployed in the beta environment shortly
  • VERIFIED - Problems reports no longer reoccur after deployment and new features are working as designed.
  • PRODUCT - The feature will be added to the product in the near future.
  • Summary: A short explanation of the bug
  • Changed: Last time the bug was changed
  • Votes: Number of votes the bug has received


You can search for a bug by using the Search feature:

  • One option is to use the search-bar at the top of the page. Bugzillasearch.png
  • The second option is to select the "Search" link at the top bar.
you will be in the "Simple search" and see the following screen:


  • Status has 3 options:
  1. Open : for unresolved bugs.
  2. Closed : for resolved bugs.
  3. All : For all bugs (resolved & unresolved)
  • Product : you can choose either App-related or Editor-related.
  • Words : search using keywords

For more advanced search options, review the article on Advanced search.

Commenting & Voting

Posting comments & voting for suggestions and/or bug-severity requires a login.

(link to login guide)


If you wish to add more relevant information or upload logs & screenshots, first locate your desired bug and select it. You will be transferred to this screen: Bugzillacomments.png.

You can add a comment in the appropriate field, then select "Save Changes" and your comment will be added.


Voting is your way to bring ideas and bugs you consider to be more important to the attention of the Waze staff.

To cast your vote, select vote in the "Importance" field, and you will see this screen: Bugzillavote.png. Check the box and select "Change My Vote". You will see this page: Bugzillavote2.png. You will notice that you can vote for up to 25 different bugs (1 vote per bug). If you uncheck the box in a bug ou previously voted for, then select "Change My Votes" - you will gain that vote back.

Submitting a bug

The ability to submit new bugs is available to Bug submitters only.

After logging in and selecting "New" in the main screen, you will see this page: Bugzillanewbug2.png

  • Select the relevant product and you will be transported to this page:


  • Select "Show advanced fields" and following fields will be added:


  • Product: shows the product you selected.
  • Reporter: shows your username.
  • Component: select the component or area that best matches the bug or issue.
Component Description
Alerts Alert signs on the road
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition - Voice commands
Auto-suggest routes Trip server issues, client side popup, logic, opens on top of other popups, opens while active navigation
Broken Design Differences between iPhone and Android. User interface that looks bad
Categories Categories
Closure Road closure feature
Coupons Coupons
Crash All crash occurrences
Facebook events All Facebook events integration
Friend's bar Friend's bar related issues
Gaming All bugs related to gaming: scoreboard, road munching, add-ons
Gas stations Gas stations, prices, and related user interface bugs
GPS All GPS related issues
Inbox All Inbox related issues
Installation All installation related issues
Localization Country related, currency, Left-Turn-Lane/Right-Turn-Lane, etc. (for Language issues see Translation)
Map All bugs related to rendering of the map, tiles rendering.
My Waze My Waze screen and all of its sub menus
Navigation All route management related issues
Network All network issues, disconnections, cannot connect, etc.
Parking Parking related issues
Paving Paving feature related issues
Pick-Up Pick-Up feature related issues
Pioneer Pioneer's Appradio related issues
Privacy Privacy related issues
Prompts All voice prompt related issues
Real Time All issues related with the communication and sync with real time server
Recordings Newly added roads on the map, pacman effect, etc.
Reports Reporting accidents, hazards, etc.
Search Search mechanism
Settings All Settings sub menus, features, and parameters
Share All issues relating sharing feature: share my drive, share my location
Sign in Anything related to the flow in Sign in or Sign up
Social All Social aspects (Facebook, Twitter and 4Square)
Sound All sound issues
Stop At Stop At related issues
Toll Toll roads issues (indication, avoidance, etc.)
Translations Different Languages translation problems, right-to-left or left-to-right, etc.
TTS Text-To-Speech related issues
UI User interface issues (broken design, menus, popups, text alignment, etc.)
Widget Widget bugs for Android only
  • Version: The version of Waze the bug occurred on.
  • Hardware: The type of your device or web-browser.
  • OS: The version of your devices Operating System or web-browser.
  • Build number: If the full version is not available in the drop-down menu, add the specific build here.
  • Issue type - bug or request:
  • Bug: Submission is a bug.
  • Requirement: Submission is a suggestion for a new/updated feature.
  • Summary: A short description of the bug.
  • Description: A full description of the process leading to, and the result of the bug.
  • Attachment:
  • File: Adding a screenshot or log (Logs should be generated in DEBUG mode).
  • Description: Describe the process, step by step, for generating the bug.
  • Content type: please leave unchanged.

Bug submitters are requested to perform the following changes only in the "status" field:

  • Unconfirmed (default)
  • These should not be used:
In progress
To deploy
Need more info

Submitted bug

Once the bug was submitted successfully, the following screen will appear: Bugzillanewsubmitted.png

  • In this screen you can change aspects of the bug
  • If the any option was entered incorrectly, you can be changed here.
  • It is also possible to vote and increase the importance of this bug.
  • Additional logs and screenshots can be uploaded.
  • Additional comments can be added.