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Building waze for Android

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Introduction notes

  • Due to the historical reasons we are not using the Android NDK currently. These instructions will be changed in the near future as we are going to involve NDK environment in our system.
  • The steps description targets advanced users/programmers.


1. Linux machine

2. Basic understanding of compilation under Unix based systems and awareness of the Eclipse IDE

3. Android SDK installed on the system (refer to

4. Eclipse IDE

5. Android plugin (ADT plugin) for the Eclipse (

6. Android sources (refer to We are using android headers to compile the application, it's clear that we don't need all the sources. However for the sake of simplicity we suggest downloading all the code)


1. Install Eclipse and ADT plugin

2. Set up the Android SDK in Eclipse: Window > Preferences > Android > SDK Location

2. Unzip the code under BASE_SRC_DIR. You will have BASE_SRC_DIR/src as a result.

3. In Eclipse go to the New Android Project. Choose "Create project from the existing workspace". Press on Browse button and choose:
BASE_SRC_DIR/src/android/java directory

4. Choose build target Android 2.2 (Api level 8) and press Ok.

5. The new Android project "FreeMapAppActivity" will be created in the Eclipse workspace.

6. Go to Project > Clean to clean and build automatically the project.

7. Set up the environment variables as described in file:

8. Open the terminal shell, go to BASE_SRC_DIR/src and run ./

9. Go to BASE_SRC_DIR/src/android/ and run ./

10. Open back the eclipse select the "FreeMapAppActivity" project and press F5 for refresh.

11. "Right click" on the "FreeMapAppActivity" project > Android Tools > Export Unsigned Application Package and choose the location to write it

That's all. You will have Waze Android package that can be installed on the device and executed.


1. Pay attention that the signature will differ from the Market Waze application so you will be unable to install over the already installed Market version. (You need to remove it first) 2. Waze will be upgraded as a result of new installation if and only if the version number of the installed package is less than one of the new packages. (Refer to the AndroidManifest.xml for details)