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Cartouche - Update map (obsolete)

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The cartouche is the interface which is used to edit the map.
The cartouche holds different tools that provide information and editing options for the existing map.
To edit the map, click on update map on the upper left corner of the map screen.

Components, layers and tools of the map

Super permalink

You can share your view of the cartouche by creating a link that contains the same view and with the same layers that are currently enabled. Click on the Super Permalink button at the bottom of the map. This option will create an address in the browser address bar. Copy this address and use it later, or send it by e-mail to other mappers.
NOTE: the permalink does not contain information about using normal screen view or full screen view (see map control panel).

Coordinates line

Shows the specific point where the cursor is located by coordinates of longitude and latitude. Clicking the copy icon to the right of the coordinates - will display the line coordinates in a separate window.
To enable the copying:

  • Highlight the line using the mouse.
  • Click on the right mouse button.
  • Select copy.
  • Paste the coordinates wherever you choose.
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Location pane

Shows a general location of the editing area.
Dragging the view box in the location pane will move the map in the main view to the selected location.

Zoom scale

Allows control over the zoom level.
You can also control the zoom by using the scroll button of the mouse(scroll).
You can select a specific area of focus by pressing the Shift key and marking the area with the mouse at the same time.
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