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Connected Citizens Program

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The Waze Connected Citizens program brings cities and citizens together to answer the questions “What’s happening, and where?” We exchange publicly available incident and road closure reports, enabling our government partners to respond more immediately to accidents and congestion on their roads. In turn, we aggregate our partners' data on the Waze platform, resulting in one of the most succinct, thorough overviews of current road conditions today.

With the addition of city data, Wazers will be even safer on the roads and more knowledgeable about construction, marathons, floods or anything else that can cause delays. And for our government partners, publicly-available Waze data is a powerful tool to build more efficient cities. Real-time information from drivers is essential; no one knows more about what's happening in a city than the people who live there. In an era with smart phones, smart cars and smart homes, isn't it about time we start building smarter cities?


The Connected Citizens Program is an ongoing partnership between Waze and various international government agencies to share publicly-available data in order to accomplish two goals:

  • Improve the quality of the Waze App
  • Utilize Waze data to improve city planning, inform infrastructure decisions and increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations

Waze exchanges publicly available incident and road closure reports, enabling our government partners to respond more immediately to accidents and congestion on their roads. In turn, Waze aggregates the partners' data on the Waze App platform, resulting in succinct and thorough overviews of current road conditions.

Existing Partners

The first ten partners in the program, called the “W10” by Waze, are Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Barcelona, Spain; Jakarta, Indonesia; Tel Aviv, Israel; San Jose, Costa Rica; Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles County, California; as well as the New York Police Department and the states of Utah and Florida.

Current Connected Citizen Partners, by Region:

Here is list of Partners as of March 2015

North America

  • Boston, MA - City of Boston
  • Florida - Department of Transportation
  • Iowa - Department of Transportation
  • Kentucky - Department of Transportation
  • Los Angeles, CA - Regional Integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems (RIITS)
  • Massachusetts - Department of Transportation
  • New York City, NY - New York Police Department
  • Oregon, US - Department of Transportation
  • Utah, US - Department of Transportation
  • Washington, D.C. - D.C. Department of Transportation

Latin America

  • Petropolis, Brazil - City of Petropolis
  • Puebla, Mexico - City of Puebla
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Center for Traffic Operations (COR)
  • San José, Costa Rica - City of San José
  • Vitoria, Brazil - City of Vitoria

Europe, Middle East & Africa

  • Budapest, Hungary - BKK Center for Budapest Transport
  • Barcelona, Spain - City of Barcelona
  • Catalonia, Spain - Government of Catalonia
  • Latvia - Latvia State Roads
  • Tel-Aviv, Israel - City of Tel-Aviv


  • Jakarta, Indonesia - City of Jakarta
  • Sydney, Australia - City of Sydney

How to Join

Potential partners, please provide your information here: Connected Citizens Program Inquiries

Who can Join

Local Government Agencies, Municipalities, Cities, States, Departments of Transportation, 911 Emergency Dispatch Centers and Police Departments

Several qualifications:

  • Waze aims to work with partners who have additional sources of data, such as road closures, street cameras or road sensors, not found within the Waze app
  • Geographical diversity
  • Technical capability
  • Eagerness and readiness to innovate
  • Waze needs in the market (need more data or want to grow focus markets)


More details available at:

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