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Connecticut/Roads by type

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These are interstates, highways, freeways and expressways that are multi-lane, divided roads with no stops (no traffic lights, exit and entrance from/to the road is through ramps)

Road Dir Northern/
Western End
Eastern End
I-84 W/E NY Border MA Border
I-91 N/S MA Border I-95 New Haven
I-95 N/S* NY Border RI Border *Officially runs North/South, but in CT actual direction is East/West
I-291 W/E I-91 (Windsor) I-84 (Manchester)
I-384 W/E I-84 (East Hartford) US6 / US44 Split (Bolton)
I-395 N/S MA Border I-95 (East Lyme)
I-691 W/E I-84 (Southington) I-91 (Meriden)

Major Highway

A big highway, usually 3+ lanes, with minimal stops – mostly exits and interchanges, but possibly with some intersections and junctions

Minor Highways

Usually a narrower highway, 2 lanes or less, that has stops or traffic lights at almost every intersection, but is still a highway (minor US or state highway). These roads are generally important thoroughfare that goes through several cities or towns.


When traffic moves between two roads or highways that are at different grades without the use of traffic lights or stop signs, they use ramps. The typical example is the on-ramps or off-ramps of a highway. Roads connecting a highway with a rest/service/parking area should be treated as ramps as well and named accordingly (e.g. "Exit to Service Area").

When traffic moves between two roads that are at the same grade, these connecting segments are not technically ramps to Waze. These cases should be treated as At-Grade Connectors.

Primary Street

These are major roads or boulevards in urban and suburban areas and have large amounts of use (such as Middlefield Rd. in Menlo Park, Park blvd. in Oakland, Constitution Ave. in Washington, DC). In less urban environments they are main thoroughfares in towns that are not US or state highways.