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Connecticut/To do

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Editing info can be found here. Sounds scary but it's [easy] Just watch this short video.


Freeway Name Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
I- 95 Unknown posted: 5/20/2012 Unassigned Needs ramps named and numbered East (North) of New Haven.
I- 91 Unknown 2/6/2012 Found Completed Needs HOV lanes added north of Hartford
I- 84 Unknown 2/6/2012 Found Completed Needs HOV lanes added east of Manchester
I- 384 TBD 12/11/10 Unassigned Manchester/E Hartford: Marked as freeway, removed bad overpass/underpass connections, ramps need fixing. Needs work east of Manchester.
AndyPoms 2/6/2012 Completed
Edited all for proper numbering & destinations. Fixed Eastern end at US 6 / US 44 split. Fixed US 44 to be Minor Highway. Freeway portion extended from I-84 E (with tiny ramp) for proper guidance - can't extend freeway portion to I-84 W due to locked segment. -- Extended to I-84 W on 4/27/2012.
I- 291 freeducky 12/11/10 Completed Edited to dual carriageway, added all missing ramps.

US Highways

US Highway Name Responsible Area Manager Date Started width="100pt" bgcolor="skyblue"|Status Comment
US- 5 AndyPoms 3/25/2012 Completed John Fitch Blvd needs dual carriageway north of I-291 fixed.
AndyPoms 2/5/2012 Completed Ellington Rd south of I- 291 needs dual carriageway fixed.

State Highways

CT Highway Name Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
CT- 2 TBD 12/11/10 Unassigned Needs editing east of E Hartford, needs to be marked as major highway.
AndyPoms 2/6/2012 Partially Completed Did as much as I could E of Hartford. Several locked segments (level 6) could not be changed. Only got just past RT 11 because "banished" (level 4) has the rest locked and labeled as freeway. "banished" also has several major errors further down (intersection of CT 2 & I-395 has ramps not connected and locked)
3/25/2012 Completed Got "banished" to edit most of the route. He fixed the junction with I-395. Got other sections unlocked. Entire route marked as Major Highway & Named properly. Still some routing issues with I-395 S to CT-2 W due to no direct ramp & CT DOT preference to route down surface streets to change roads (it's quick and once you are off the ramp, it works, but it won't route you off that ramp, see URs)
CT-9 AndyPoms 5/14/2012 Completed Needs editing south of I-91, needs to be marked as major highway. Marked as Major Highway, renamed as "State Rte 9 N/S", Numbered & Named Ramps.
CT-11 AndyPoms 2/20/2012 Completed Needs editing entire length, needs to be marked as major highway. Needs Exit Numbered and Named.
Cottage Grove Rd.
AndyPoms 2/28/2012 Complete Needs to be made dual carriageway between Hall Blvd and just East of Blue Hills Ave.

Major Intersections

Major Intersection Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
I- 91 / CT- 9 TBD 12/11/10 Unassigned Needs interchange editing completed.
I-91 / I-84 AndyPoms 2/10/2012 Completed
(I think)
Labeled and organized interchange. Need to double check elevations - this is a mess of an interchange in real life, even harder here...
I-84 / I-291 / I-384 TBD 2/25/2012 Unassigned Ramps need to be organized, labeled. This area is a mess of ramp splits & merges between these 3 Interstates & a few surface streets.