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Countries and Languages

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For instructions on editing the map in your country and help in using Waze, in your language, choose from:

Template:Languages and Countries

Current supported languages on the waze application (client)

One of waze's goals is to be as accessible as possible to all users worldwide. One way is allowing each user to enjoy the application in his own language. In collaboration with the community, we do our best to translate the application's menus and vocal instructions to a variety of languages:

Language Menus Vocal Instructions
1 Italian (italiano) + +
2 Czech (čeština) +
3 Dutch +
4 Danish (dansk) +
5 Deutsch (German) + +
6 English + +
7 Espanol (spain)* + +
8 Espanol (Latin America)* + +
9 Francais (French) + +
10 Hebrew + +
11 Hungarian (Magyar) +
12 Lithuanian (lietuvių) +
13 Norwegian (norsk) +
14 Polish (polszczyzna) +
15 Russian (русский) +
16 Slovak (slovenčina) +
17 Swedish (svenska) + +

(*)There are different versions - due to the differences in terminology between countries there are different vocal prompts in Spanish for Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

if you want to know more about how you help translate waze to your Language, please visit this article.