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'''Recently completed:'''
'''Recently completed:'''
* Making the Android version stable
* Making the Android version stable
* Upgrading the [[Banks of Servers|World servers]], which has increased the speed of [[Map Editing|editing maps]] in [[Cartouche]]
* Upgrading the [[Banks of Servers|World servers]], which has increased the speed of [[Map Editing (new Editor)|editing maps]] in [[Cartouche]]

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Waze is growing fast in features and popularity. This is not a complete list of development areas, but should reassure you that Waze is aware of your concerns and is working to make things better.

Current development focus includes:

  • Fixing annoying bugs
  • Upgrading the North America servers for USA and Canada
  • Getting European and UK base maps (map grids) in place
  • Adding the ability to search for location by UK postcodes
  • Bugs can occur when deleting junctions is known and being taken care of
  • Implementing road blocks and road closures
  • Supporting Car pool, (HOV), Transit Lanes
  • Being able to route through connected parking lot roads, when you start on a parking lot road
  • Supporting reports that apply to both directions of travel, not just your direction or the opposite direction
  • Making road reports that apply to a location other than your current location
  • Providing a status log so that items identified or dealt with will be announced

Recently completed: