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Development plans and priorities

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O Waze está crescendo rapidamente em suas características e tem se tornado cada vez mais popular. Esta não é uma lista completa de nossas áreas de desenvolvimento, mas podemos assegurar que estamos atentos aos seus anseios e estamos trabalhando duro para tornar as coisas cada vez melhores.

O Atual foco de desenvolvimento inclui:

  • Upgrading the worldwide infrastructure to allow Waze to support the growing number of users while making the service more reliable
  • Bug fixing
  • Integrating features to generate revenue for Waze
  • Releasing feature equal clients for Android and iOS
  • Toll Road avoidance
  • Time of day turn restrictions
  • Time of day road directionality changes
  • Adding the ability to search for location by UK postcodes
  • Implementing road blocks and road closures
  • Supporting Carpool, HOV, Transit lanes

Recently completed:

  • Making the Android version stable
  • Upgrading the World servers, which has increased the reliability and speed of editing maps
  • Improved the routing in areas of Private Roads and Parking Lot roads
  • ASR (Automated Speech recognition)
  • TTS (Text to Speech voice guided turn-by-turn instructions that announce the street names for upcoming turns) in multiple languages
  • Gas price integration
  • POI category search