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Earning Points

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Check your points

How are points calculated?

From the blog post [1]

World points unit
Normal driving 3.2 per km
Road reporting¹ 6 per report
Report comments 3 per comment
Road munching 10 per km
New road recording 40 per km
Editing the map² 1.5 per edit
Solving map update requests 3 per request solved
Adding street names 3 per name
Adding house numbers 3 per house number
Forum posts 2 per 3 forum posts

¹ Pings, chit-chats and their comments do not accumulate points.

² Mass-editing (selecting multiple roads and update them) in Cartouche counts for 1.5 point per road segment you edit, independent of how many fields/attributes are updated. (From the Waze Forum [2] )