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A traffic lock is an automatic lock placed on a road segment based on the volume of traffic that traverses the segment. An editor may lock a segment to a rank which is higher but not lower than the traffic lock.




Traffic locks are not (yet) implemented in the USA. Details are being worked out. No segment should be automatically locked to rank 6. We're seeking immunity for AMs within their managed area and don't intend to sign off on activating traffic locks unless this is achieved one way or another. Unlocking roads for a lower ranked editor is not possible.

In addition to the users' permission ranks, the combined locking scheme takes into consideration the road's rank based on traffic volume (how much driving has taken place there). A traffic lock based on volume is computed for each segment which is scale to correspond to the editor rank system.

Combined locking scheme:

  1. Editors may edit only in their areas.
  2. Traffic locks further restrict roads. Segments are always "locked" at least to the traffic lock rank.
  3. If an editor has locked a segment to a rank, the effective lock is the higher of the two ranks.

Generally, new users (rank 1 or 2) won't be able to edit busy roads. Starting from 3 cones - users can edit ~90% of the roads. Users with 5 and 6 cones can edit 100% of the roads.