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Eesti aadressid

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Tänasel päeval kasutab Waze aadressiotsing teisi geoinfosüsteeme. Praegu käib oma aadressiandmete ning otsingu arendus. Selleks, et otsing töötaks ja ka oodatud tulemusi annaks, on vaja süsteemil aru saada, mida kasutaja erinevate otsingusõnade all silmas on pidanud. Selleks korjab Waze andmeid erinevate keelte kasutamise ning riikide kohta.

Siin on kirjas küsimused, mida võiks üheskoos vastata. Arutelu saab pidada foorumis

required info:

Street type affixes

  • Words that describe street types. For example: road, avenue, street
  • Abbreviations for these street types. For example: rd for road, ave for avenue.
Street type Abbreviation [1] English name
tänav tn street
põik - alley
tee - avenue
puiestee pst boulevard
maantee mnt road
plats pl square
väljak vk field/plaza/square/
«tn» for «tänav» is optional and is usually skipped. All other affixes are required

Direction affixes

  • Words that describe directions: east, west, north, south, north east, north west, south east, south west.
  • Abbreviations for these words. For example: e for east, w for west.
Not used in Estonia

Common abbreviations

  • Common abbreviations in your country/language, mainly for words that are common in

addresses/landmarks. For example:

    • int'l for the word 'international'
    • dr for the word 'doctor'
Word Abbreviation [2] English name
jõgi j river
järv jv lake
kraav kv ditch
laht l bay
mägi m mountain
neem n cape
peakraav pkr big ditch?
poolsaar ps peninsula
saar s island
talu t farmstead
tiik tk pond
veehoidla vh catchment
raudteejaam rtj train station

FIXME: kas siia peaks lisama ka igasugused aiandusühistud jne?


  • Prepositions and other frequent words in your language. Words like in, to, the, or, and etc.
No prepositions in Estonian language

General query pattern

  1. Where is the house number usually located? Beginning of search line? End?
  1. Where is the zipcode usually located?
before city name
  1. What does the zipcode look like? How long? Is it made of digits/letters?
five numbers
  1. Examples for typical search queries in your country:
    • Searches with house number
    • Searches with zipcode
    • Full searches - searches that include all address components: street, city, state, country
    • Partial searches - searches that only include some of the address components. For example, searches that include only the street name without indicating the city.
    • Searches for streets that contain numbers in their name (5th ave for example), if such streets are common in your country.

House numbers

  1. What’s the house numbering system in your country? we are aware of 2 sides of a road, one side even and one side odd numbers, ascending or descending. Do you use the same system? If not please elaborate.
  2. Are there any mandatory alphanumeric characters (- / # etc) which are integral part of the house number?. If yes, what the rules?

We don’t refer to different entrances numbering of the same building