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Welcome to the Waze Wiki FAQ. This FAQ is user-maintained and designed to supplement the official and technical FAQs:.

What is Cartouche?

Cartouche is the name of the map editor. You can access it through: (Northern America users) (International/other users)

What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is the name of your personal information console. You can find various information about your Waze account here, including most recent driven routes. You can access it through: (Northern America users) (International/other users)

When do my roads show up in the Livemap?

Generation of the Livemap takes place daily, so you have to wait at least 24-48h before changes show up.

When do my routes show up in the Dashboard?

Updates of the dashboard takes place daily, so you have to wait at least 24-48h before changes show up.

When do my routes show up in the client application?

Tiles on the client are cached, and only refreshed when one of the following conditions is met: 1. You are showing a specific location on the map from the address search. 2. You are navigating to or through the tile. 3. The tile is over one week old.

Note that they always need to be propagated to the livemap first, before showing on the client.

What webbrowser do you recommend for editing roads?

Support for IE is limited due to various bugs in that browser, so recommended is another browser like: Safari Firefox Chrome

Why do I get to see traffic reports hundreds of miles away in the client?

The button on the client show the nearest 20 traffic reports. Sometimes, when there are not many wazers in your neighborhood, you'll see traffic reports from a little further away. Waze only actively shows you the traffic reports within a certain radius of your location (using a pop-up), so if you are not interested in seeing reports from further away, do not click the button.

What is a locked road in Cartouche?

In the road attributes in Cartouche you have the option to set a road to 'Locked'. Waze will then no longer make any assumptions about the directionality of the road. This is useful for locking the directionality of one-way roads, so they won't be changed to two-way when somebody drives in the opposite direction (or by GPS drift). It is also useful to lock roads which are driven in one direction more often than the other. In short: when you are absolutely sure about the directionality of a road, it is recommended to set it to locked.