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This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.

The Waze client application and Waze Map Editor are the key part of the Waze navigation system. Part of the primary advantage of Waze is the major role that the users play in helping to define both the underlying map and the applications that interface with the map data.

If you find that some current feature would work better a different way, or you find a missing feature or capability, visit the feature request tracking sites through User Voice to cast your vote or create a new one.

In many cases you are likely to find someone has a similar idea to yours, so you just need to do a quick scan of the User Voice site for your idea and add your votes to bring it further up the priority request list. If you don't find it, be sure to create your feature request with as much detail as you can provide. That way you are most likely to get what you envision if enough other people agree with its importance and vote for it as well.

Of course there is no guarantee any of these features will be added just because it might have the most votes.

Client Application Feature Requests

Waze Map Editor Feature Requests - It is currently under redesign. Hold your ideas until it is back up, or post them in the Thoughts and Suggestions forum