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=== Table formatting ===
=== Table formatting ===
[ Table help]
[ Table help]
Example pages:
: [[Search codes]]
=== Wikilinks ===
=== Wikilinks ===

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This new page is currently undergoing modifications. The information presented should be considered a draft, not yet ready for use. Content is being prepared by one or more users. Do not make any changes before you post a message in this forum. Please use the talk page for thoughts and ideas on setting up this content.

This article is not part of the Waze application, but rather a part of the Wiki editing guide. If you reached this page in error, please return to the main page and start your search again.


To start this page, content will be linked from other sources until such time that the content can be created directly for the Waze Wiki. Many links will be provided from Wikipedia to expedite the help pages. If a topic is not found in the Waze Wiki, consider checking for a similar topic in the Wikipedia Help Directory.

Editing pages

Editing pages

Text formatting

Line break handling
Codes for characters
{{clear}} template
{{red}} template

Image formatting

Extended image formatting

Table formatting

Table help Example pages:

Search codes


{{anchor}} template
{{ReturnTop}} template

External links

External links

Talk pages

Talk pages

HTML Colors

Color Tutorials


Most of the guidelines for the Wiki content follows the Wikipedia guidelines. If a specific policy or guideline is not presented in the Waze Wiki help system, the Wikipedia guideline will serve the purpose.

Page titles

Page titles
Page title format

Section headings

For more information see Wikipedia Section headings and Wikipedia Help on Sections.

  • Headings should not refer redundantly to the subject of the article, or to higher-level headings, unless doing so is shorter or clearer.
  • Headings should not normally contain links, especially where only part of a heading is linked.
  • Section and subsection headings should be unique within a page; otherwise section links may lead to the wrong place, and automatic edit summaries can be ambiguous.
  • Citations should not be placed within or on the same line as section and subsection headings.
  • Headings should not contain images, including flag icons.
  • Headings should not contain questions.
  • Avoid starting headings with numbers (other than years), because this can be confusing for readers with the "Auto-number headings" preference selected.
  • Before changing a section heading, consider whether you might be breaking existing links to that section. If there are many links to the old section title, create an {{anchor}} with that title to ensure that the links still work. Similarly, when linking to a section of an article, leave an invisible comment at that section, specifying the names of the linking articles so that if the title is altered, others can fix the links.
  • Place Anchors immediately below the section header or at the start of the header text inside the "=".

Creating pages

If you want to build a page without input from others, start by creating it within your user namespace as a subpage of your own. That way you can more directly control the content.

Renaming pages

When it becomes necessary to rename a page, the Move tab at the top of a Wiki page should be used for a few reasons. A redirect page is provided automatically from the old name. The edit history is transferred from the original page to the new one. This is important in understanding who introduced changes and when they were made to a page