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Note: Although 'Alt. Name' (alternativer Straßenname) is currently not available  (deactivated) it is covered in this documentation.
Note: Although 'Alt. Name' (alternativer Straßenname) is currently not available  (deactivated) it is covered in this documentation.
''For this table is meant as a reference to the Austrian road system the original denomination of the various road types (as used on traffic signs) is not translated''
''For this table is meant as a reference to the Austrian road system the original designation of the various road types (as used on traffic signs) is not translated''

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A word before we start with the actual translation:

This is a translation of the respectiveAT-Wiki-Page. We considered this necessary to ensure the inclusion of fellow wazers in Austria, who do not have German as their mother tongue. Also we would like to encourage INTL-Users to see how we solve AT-typical problems and share their thougts with us, so we added some explanations (for background information or discussion purposes) you will not find in the original version - like this preface. They are formatted in Italic-style to seperate them from the translation. Don't hesitate to use the link to the Austrian forum, even if it is in German - some of us will reply to english posts too. Now back to the translation.

This documentation is intended to give the new editors a good start up in editing roads and follows the KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle.

It is therefore kept strictly staight forward and basic, so it does not reflect every possibility or aspect.

In case of any questions visit the Regional Forum Austria. (German forum, but feel free to post in english - that's easier for us to understand, than any automated translation)

Road Classification

How to label and name roads and urban areas in Austria.

  • AT-Editors are encouraged to use this document as a reference: Referenzseite

Map Legend Austria

The Map Legend Austria contains information about labeling and the varous segments.

Table of available Road Categories in the Editor

Note: Although 'Alt. Name' (alternativer Straßenname) is currently not available (deactivated) it is covered in this documentation.

For this table is meant as a reference to the Austrian road system the original designation of the various road types (as used on traffic signs) is not translated


  • Freeway => Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen (Ax, Sx)
  • Major Highway => Bundesstraßen und Landesstraßen (Bxxx)
  • Minor Highway => Landesstraßen (Lx - Lxxx)
  • Ramps => Ramps end Exits of Autobahnen


  • Primary Street => Mainstreets, main traffic routes in larger cities und low level Landesstraßen (Lxxxx)
  • Street => all other roads
  • Service Road => roads inside the boundaries of sites like Fuel stations, Drive Ins, industrial areas, etc.

Other - drivable

  • Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails => Feldstraßen (Land- Forstwitschaft), Waldstraßen etc.
  • Parking Lot Road => roads off the main roadgrid, dedicated for parking purposes
  • Private Road => private roads (for residents only), access to residential areas


  • Walking Trails => Fußwege, nicht befahrbare Spazierweg
  • Pedestrian Boardwalk => Fußgängerzonen, Uferwege
  • Stairway => Treppen
  • Railroad => Eisenbahnen
  • Runway/Taxiway => Lande- und Rollbahnen
    currently not supported in the client, using the Landmark (Airport) is absolutely sufficient!)

How to label and name roads in the Editor

Road and City Names

The Waze-Client offers TTS (Text to Speech) since version 3.2.x, an impementation of voice control is available in N.A. and is sceduled for German too.

Therefore it is neccessary to avoid abreviation - allways use the full written name.

Urban Areas

The City field comprises the Gemeindename. City is short for Municipality.
Postal Codes and naming of Suburbs is currently not supported in the Editor.

Allways use the full written form in the City Field. For example:
"Sankt Anna am Aigen" instead of "St. Anna a. Aigen"
"Bruck an der Leitha" instead of "Bruck a/d Leitha"

The Gemeindename is to be applied in the City field for all roads in the area of a Gemeinde, except for Freeways, witch are to be labeled as "No City".
Exeption can be made on Segments of the Other- and Non-driveable subcategories, where it can be left blank or it can be used to specify the area of the Gemeinde.

Autobahnen and Schnellstraßen (A & S)

  • Road Type: Freeway
  • activate No-City checkbox
  • Name: <Codenumber of Autobahn> if aplicable add blank-blank<Euro-Route-Number>
    Examples „A1 - E60“ res. „A1“

Note: not all segments of A1 are part of the Europastraße

  • activate Toll Road checkbox
  • Alt. Name of Autobahnen
    Example „West Autobahn“

  • Name <Codenumber of Schnellstraße> (S1, S36 etc.) if applicable add blank-blank<Euro-Route-Number>
    Example: „S37"
  • Alt. Name of Schnellstraßen
    Example „Klagenfurter Schnellstraße“
  • activate Toll Road checkbox

Ramps and Exits

  • Road Type: Ramp
  • activate no City checkbox
  • Name of Ramps: <Codenumber> ">" <Name of indicated City> Example "A1 > Salzburg"
    Note: TTS interprets ">" as "Richtung (Direction)
  • Name of Exits: AS or Exit <Name of indicated City> Example"AS Salzburg" or "Exit Salzburg"
    Note: TTS interprets "AS" as "Ausfahrt" (Exit)
  • Toll Road: checkbox is to be activated on Ramps only

Editing Autobahnen

AT-Editors are encouraged to refer to the German page Autobahnen bearbeiten which offers a good Instuction for editing Autobahnen and Ramps/Exits.

Bundesstraßen and Landesstraßen (Bxxx)

  • Road Type: Major Highway
  • Name: <Codenumber>blank<Name>
    Example „B70 Völkermarkter Straße“

Landesstraßen (Lx – Lxxx)

  • Road Type: Minor Highway
  • Name: <Codenumber>blank<Name>
    Example „L203 Zurndorfer Landesstraße“
    If the roadname is unknown the codenumber will suffise.

Hauptstraßen and low level Landesstraßen (Lxxxx)

  • Road Type: Primary
  • Name: <Name>, if Name is unknown, use Codenumber instead i.e. "L4001"

other Roads, secondary Roads

  • Road Type: Street
  • Name: <Name>

Fuel Stations, Rest Areas, Drive Ins

  • Service Road
  • Toll Road checkbox: as required according to österreichische Vignettenverordnung

Note: Rest Areas at Motorways are considered part of the Motorway and therefore the toll-sticker has to be on a Vehicle, even if there is access via a tollfree road too

Other Drivable roadtypes

Farmroads, Fieldtracks etc.

  • Road Type: Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails

Roads in parking areas and roads leading into arking lots

  • Parking Lot Road

Roads reserved for Residents or employees on a company area

  • Road Type: Private Road

Please keep in mind, that Waze allouws routing along such roads too. Routing along roads reserved for residents should be prevented. Consult the forum, for more information about suitable measures, if the need arises.

Other Non-Drivable Roadtypes


  • Road Type: Walking Trails
  • Direction: Unknown

Fußgängerzonen, Uferwege

  • Road Type: Pedestrian Boardwalk
  • Direction: Unknown


  • Road Type: Railroad
  • Direction: Unknown
  • Level: -5


  • why not user abreviations?

As mentioned above Waze uses the entries for TTS, apart from certain keywords abreviations could not be processed and therefore prevent proper function of the TTS.

  • Straße or Strasse?
    In Austria the proper spelling for road is Straße. If your device does not support the German letter "ß" the use of the secondary spelling "Strasse" is acceptable. Wenever possible, one should try to use the proper form (i.e. copy from an existing road using the clipboard) to ensure homogenous spelling.

Background Information for proper road categorizing

General Background Information abaut Austria

Austria- provincial regions