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How to label and name roads (Switzerland)

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Road Classification

Here you can find the assignment and designation of roads and cities in Switzerland.

  • If you have any questions post here in this thread: Discussion-Thread.
  • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, everybody is welcome.
  • Or PM me directly if you have any questions.

Map Legend Switzerland

Here you can find the Map Legend Switzerland with informations on signage and the individual segments.

Road Categories


  • Freeway => Freeways in Switzerland
  • Major Highway => Express roads which are not freeways
  • Minor Highway => Numbered main streets on map.geo.admin red with a white number, max. two digits.
  • Ramps => Entrance and exit to freeways


  • Primary Street => Main street (on yellow without a roadshield)
  • Street => Roads or secondary roads
  • Service Road => Gasstations, rest stops on freeways, drive-ins like BK, McD.

Other - drivable

  • Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails => Gravel roads, field roads (agriculture and forestry), forest roads.
  • Parking Lot Road => All types of parking lots
  • Private Road => Private roads


  • Walking Trails => Walking trails
  • Pedestrian Boardwalk => Pedestrian walkways, boardwalks, all kind of riverside walks
  • Stairway => Stairways
  • Railroad => Railroads
  • Runway/Taxiway => Runways/taxiways
    (This is here for completeness. It makes no sense to equip all airports with these, Landmark (Airport) is quite sufficient!)


Assignment of the main and secondary roads:

  • Please pay attention to the signage.
    • Blue signpost, blue town sign, white/yellow square sign (main road) => Primary Street
    • White signpost, white town sign (secondary road) => Street

Road naming


Freeway => Freeway

  • Naming: A1, A2, A3 - E60...

Express roads

Major Highway => Express roads

  • Naming A1L, A52...

National main streets

Minor Highway => National main streets
on map.geo.admin red with a white number, max. two digits.

  • Inner city: Streetname and "Alt Street" N1, N2...
  • Outer city: If there is no streetname: N1, N2...

If a National main street is leading over a freeway the name of the freeway and "Alt Street" N1, N2...

Numbered main streets

Minor Highway => National-, and numbered main streets
on map.geo.admin red with a white number, max. two digits.

  • Inner city: Streetname and "Alt Street" H1, H2...
  • Outer city: If there is no streetname: H1, H2...

Please note: there are two different kind of numbered main roads in Switzerland! The N-type is mostly not in use anymore or is leading over the freeways.

Exit ramps and Entrance ramps

Ramps => Ramps to and from freeways
Designation referred to the names on the signs of the entrances and exits.

The ">" is spoken by TTS as "Richtung" which means "direction to"

  • Ausfahrt Zürich Flughafen
  • Ausfahrt Bülach-Nord


  • Einfahrt > Basel Bern Luzern
  • Einfahrt > Zürich Dietikon

  • AusfahrtWegweiser.png Ausfahrt Niederbipp Langenthal

  • WegweiserAutobahn.png Einfahrt > Basel

Freeway intersections

Freeway intersections and exits, should be labelled with a landmark. The landmark should be kept tight to the road system to ensure a tidy transfer to the client. The landmark should be named with the number and the name of the intersection.
Type is: "Junction/Interchange".

Example: "17 Frick"

  • Frick.png

Example: "8 Liestal"

  • Augst.png


Streetnames from Map Search Schweiz


Make sure that a city name is unique and assign only names which have an on zip code!
On you can see the Citynames which have an own zip code.

Change the language to english. You can switch on the zip code layer:

  • Catalog -> Base data -> Adresses -> ZIP and locations.


General assignment map.geo.admin

  • List of the municipalities of Switzerland [1]
  • List of all freeways [2]
  • List of all express roads (Major Highway)[3]
  • List of all national main roads (Freeways/Minor Highways) [4]
  • List of numbered main roads (Minor Highway) [5]

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