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Roles & Responsibilities

Badge StateManager.png State Manager

A State Manager (SM) is a senior Map Editor, who takes responsibility for the map in a specific state or region. This role is not the same as an AM with a larger area. There is a much greater community involvement with this role. There could also be multiple SMs for a single state. At this moment, these positions are mainly filled by serving foreign editors, until local editors can take over.



  • Experienced rank 4 editor or better
  • Active and experienced in the Indian community
  • Active in the forums and chat (Slack)


You are responsible for the next tasks in your State/Area

Improve the map

  • Road network, continuity, routing
  • special care for the capital city
  • add gas stations and other important Places
  • find sources

Maintain the map

  • Make sure Unlocks/Updates related to your state are addressed timely
  • Make sure that Problem reports (User Reports-URs and Map Problems-MPs, Place Update Requests-PURs) are handled according to the guidelines. URs need a first reply within 5 days
  • react quickly to closures or road works

Manage the editors

  • Introduce new editors into the community/Keep a lookout for newer editors throughout their state
  • Help the editors (or get help for them) to learn the editing technics and the Indian guidelines
  • provide opportunities to editors who want to grow
  • verify the correctness of editing and garantee the quality
  • In case of bad editing, like collecting of points - careless editing, and/or destroying of the map, or in case of suspicion of such behavior cooperate with the LCs to either start training or prevent further editing.

Add to the community

  • add state specfic information to the wiki
  • Monitor the forum, post updates, keep enthusiasm about state discussions going, and help keep the LCs informed.
  • Participation in the development of editing guidelines countrywise and, if necessary, statewise
  • Help inform editors about existing guidelines and help evolve thise guidelines based upon their work within a state.
  • Participates in the preparation and execution of a raid

Being responsible doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself. The more editors there will be in your area, the more your task will be to helping them to do the job.

Important extra task for foreign editors: If you are a foreign editor, be aware that your SM role is interim: as soon as we have local editors that are up to the job, it is your responsibility to (help) train them and finally hand over your position