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India/MapRaid troubleshooting

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Smudged cities / saving errors

If the editor displays the error message The highlighted road is too far from the city it was added to, you probably encountered a "smudged city". The problem is that one or more of the segments that are connected to your edited segments have an incorrect city name. Important to notice, the incorrect name can also be in one of the alternate names.

We have seen many strange things dealing with this problem. Among others is that segments don't have a primary name, but do have alternate names. Sometimes, the alternate name are hidden, and only show after some specific ways of editing. It often seem to happen with unconfirmed roads (roads without a name set, red outlined), but it is not restricted to those.

made by dfrios

We are aware it is a major problem in updating the map, and we all thank you for your patience and continuous trying. We have asked Waze to look into the problem. Also, we are currently gathering several solutions and workarounds to share. Please feel free to try them and share your feedback with us.