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Iphone app problems

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Waze version Problem Models affected Status
2.0.1 Cannot tap to select roads, only intersections, when in 3D mode
2.0.1 After disabling a traffic (eg) goodies layer, you need to restart the app for the map to be redrawn without the goodies
2.0.1 Multiple settings changes not always saved even in the same session (without closing Waze). Choosing what to show on the map is a good example. Not consistent or replicable. The settings display is correct, but if you return to the settings screen you will see some revert back. May depend on how busy the phone is with other tasks? A race condition losing events?
2.0.1 Business or place name no longer saved with list of recent searches
2.0.1 'Ghost option' to go 'off-the-grid' and not appear on the map has been removed Forum discussion
3.0.1 Sound not redirected to bluetooth device even if "Always play sound to speaker" is "off" 4S