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Please do not make any more updates to these legacy wiki pages, all future updates should be made in your country's local Wazeopedia.

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When moderating Place Update Requests (PURs), please be aware that they are not added to the map until the Wazer hits Done. This means that a passenger of a car may take a great photo of a business, but be a block or two down the road before it is added. Zoom into the map where the Place was added and ensure they are where they are supposed to be.

Chain Name Harmonization

In an effort to keep common Places the same across the region, the South Atlantic wiki page now has a list to reference. The list includes Names, Alt Names, Categories, and Websites of Chain companies across the region. If you do not see a Chain listed and feel it should be added, please fill out this form to submit it for review.

Place Locking

Places can be locked once they have enough information so trusted users trying to change the information that has already been verified will need to have the changes approved. As a rule we lock Hospitals and Airports at 5 and everything else can be locked at 3, but only after it minimally has the following information:

  • Correct Category
  • Name - Formatted with Title Case (Use capital letters for the first letter in each word)
  • Area or Point with Destination Point in the correct location
  • Address - House number and correct street name

Please try to fill in all information available, but those items are the minimum.

Additional Information

1 July 2016 - This section is under construction. Please check back for updates.

Phone Numbers

Kentucky currently observes the following South Atlantic Region format for phone numbers:

(xxx) xxx-xxx

External Providers


Waze allows you to connect places and POI from external providers. One of the providers is Google Maps. By linking sites, when drivers select a destination from search results in the app, whether the result is from Waze or Google, it will always lead you to the navigation stop point Waze.

Connect an external POI following this procedure:

External Providers 1.PNG
  1. Create / Select a Place.
  2. Click on the link: Add linked Google place.
  3. Gradually as you type the name of the place in the drop-down list, recommended external POI names begin to appear.
  4. Select the correct name.
  5. Save your changes.
External Providers 2.PNG

If the place that has already been linked, you will see a box with the name and address of the external POI. Under this field is a unique identifier.

If you find that a site is linked to an improper external POI:

  1. Delete link by clicking the X next to the POI field.
  2. Save the changes.

Make sure that the Place stop point is set correctly.

Creating and editing links to External Provider POIs is allowed only by Rank 3 editors and above.


In most instances, website addresses should be simplified to the format:
Please remove http://, https://, and www. from addresses. If the website for the place is hosted by a higher entity and includes information after domain suffix, please include information that is neccessary.


The website for the Louisville Metro government would be:

The website for one of the city parks in Louisville would be:

In some instances, like specific locations of chains, the more specific page would not be prefered. The website for a Marathon station should be: