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Kentucky Hospitals

Kentucky editors consider Hospitals to be a very important Places to have set correctly on the map. Having a map full of Places with the Hospital category, or not having real hospitals available in searches makes it difficult for users to get help when they need it. Anything that does not have emergency services (ER or Immediate Care) should not have the Hospital/Medical category set. If you are setting up an Immediate Care center with the category, you must have the proper hours added.

To better recognize which places might have an incorrect listing of Hospital, install the WME Place Harmonizer script (Rank 2+).

To get true hospitals added to the map, we are using a list from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Some of these hospitals do not have emergency services and need to be set for a different category. They are listed and completion should be tracked on this spreadsheet. If you do not have access to edit the sheet. Please contact one of the State Managers listed below.

To be considered complete, hospitals must have everything entered from the Place Locking area or this wiki page, as well as the ER point Place mapped and Parking lots named and set as area Places. Please use these guidelines when naming ER point Places.

  • Set the primary name as "ER - Hospital Name"
  • Alternate names for ER point Places should include:
  1. A name that spells out "Emergency Room" with the hospital name
    • (ex. "Baptist Hospital East - Emergency Room")
  2. A name that includes the city name if not already present in the hospital name
    • (ex. "ER - Versailles" as an alt name for Bluegrass Community Hospital)
    • Do not add an alt name with the city name if the city is listed as part of the hospital name; it is redundant for search purposes.
      • (ex. "ER - Frankfort" SHOULD NOT be added to Frankfort Regional Medical Center).

Speed Limits

Now that the Speed Limit fields are in Waze Map Editor and speed limits are live in the app for Kentucky, we should use every opportunity to fill in this information. For more information on entering speed limits you can visit the Speed Limits wiki.

Note: Speed limits may be lowered in construction/work zones if those limits appear on regulatory black and white signs, and should be changed in WME. Generally, only speed limits for long-term projects should be changed on the map. These changes should be tracked with this spreadsheet.

Speed Limits on Streets

Kentucky has speed limits entered for all Freeways, Major Highways, Minor Highways, and Primary Streets in the state. This helps drivers for the majority of trips, but to be complete all Streets need to have speed limits added as well. Use these steps to add speed limits to Streets:

  1. Utilize street view inside Waze Map Editor to add missing speed limits for Streets.
  2. If street view is not available, consult the Kentucky County/City Speed Limit Resources spreadsheet.
    1. Search for a speed limit for a particular road in the local resources for the city or county
    2. If the road is not explicitly listed and the city or county has a default speed limit, add that.
  3. If none of the above apply to the road, leave the speed limit blank.
  4. (Optional) Driving roads to submit speed limit update requests is acceptable, however, editors will not be asked to do so and will only be done on a voluntary basis.

To locate road segments with missing speed limits, refer to the maps linked by county name in the Kentucky County/City Speed Limit Resources spreadsheet. As you add missing speed limits, please delete the pin on the map for each respective road segment.

Not every city and county has information yet on the Kentucky County/City Speed Limit Resources spreadsheet. More information is needed for many localities. If you can research and contribute to city and county speed limit information, contact a State Manager for editing rights to the spreadsheet.

County Map

The Kentucky Highway renaming project is finished. To be considered complete, the KY road, US highway, or Interstate must have current naming, Functional Classification, speed limit, and any road that is touching it should be corrected to provide the best routing experience.

Counties with State Highways Complete

Recommended Browser Scripts

In addition to the recommended scripts that make editing on Waze easier, i.e. Validator and Toolbox, there are some scripts that are specific to Kentucky that really assist editors while working within the state. You will need a script manager installed such as TamperMonkey.

Kentucky Validator Localization

This script requires Validator to be installed first. It provides extra rules that are specific to Kentucky's guidelines to highlight on the map. Link to script

KYTC Addon

Easy lookup of road information provided by Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's map with Alt+K while hovering over the road and a link in the footer of the page to open KYTC's functional classification map in the same location you have Waze Map Editor. Link to script

Kentucky County Overlay

Creates rough polygon layer for Counties in Kentucky and displays the name in the top left corner where city/state name shows. This is not meant to be used for any official lines, but as a tool to help you know where you are when a city name is not present in WME. Link to script

KYTC/DOT Reports

Diplays traffic events posted by state Transportation Cabinet and DOT. Currently supports Kentucky, Indiana, Nebraska, and Iowa. States can be enabled under the DOT tab. Link to script