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Known issues

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Known Issues






Windows Mobile

Cartouche (Map Editing)

  • While server upgrades have markedly increased the speed of Cartouche there are times of day when it is still very slow. This may be because the servers are performing other tasks or because there are many map editors working at the same time. If you find the map editing to be painfully slow, we don't want you to become discouraged. The best advice is to wait and try again at a different time of day
  • If you have the GPS Points layer selected it can be difficult or impossible to select a road because you are always selecting a GPS point. This can happen even if the GPS points are not visible at your current zoom level
  • Newly plotted (unknown, red-line) roads are not showing in Cartouche at the 3 minimum zoom levels
  • Bugs can occur when deleting junctions
Region Issue Description Example Image/Link Workaround Status
All Unable to create roads from Archive Using "Record New Roads" feature in client Open
All House numbers cannot be deleted Recommended to stop creating and updating house numbers. Open
All House numbers location changes slightly after saving an update. This is because the house number re-centers to the precise location of the mouse click which selected it. This will cause house numbers to drift. Recommended to stop creating and updating house numbers. Open
NA House numbers repeatedly fail to permanently save (turn blue) due to various reasons. Recommended to stop creating and updating house numbers. Open
All Changes in street names for house numbers are not saved. Recommended to stop creating and updating house numbers. Open
NA House numbers street name turns blank immediately after creating and saving. Recommended to stop creating and updating house numbers. Open
All House numbers cannot contain any characters other than numbers. This is currently working as designed. Open
NA Update Requests changes cannot be saved. Whether you are adding notes, changing type or status, changes to Update Requests result in "Internal Server Error" Open
NA Pending (Deletions) panel does not show user name of the submitter. Open
All Landmark changes/updates occasionally fail. This appears to happen on very large landmarks, or landmarks with a large number of perimeter vertices. Open
NA Cannot update geometry of new (red) roads until the road is given a type, state and name. This may be working as designed. Workaround is to Edit the street and saving before attempting to update geometry. Open
NA Orphan nodes are hidden and are sometimes selected even when you cannot see them. Delete them when you find them. When deleting road segments, remove them in such a way as to be able to remove road-end segments before deleting the road segment. Open
All Editing roads of multiple types will change all roads to type 'Street' upon saving. Only edit roads of the same type per edit. Open
All Alt. Steet (Alias) road names can only be saved for a single segment at a time. Multiple segment selections will result in no changes (add/change/remove) to the Alt names. Only make changes to Alt Names on single segment edits. Open
All Alt Street names are deleted when changing road Geometry. Open
All Segments cannot be selected with the "No Name Roads" layer enabled. Find a no-name road with the layer enabled, then disable it to select the road. Open
All Safari on Windows does not display borders of controls (checkboxes, select menus, text boxes) with the Aerial Layer enabled. Checkboxes do not display their state at all.
  • Use another browser such as Chrome.
  • Disable Aerial layer as necessary to see the status of checkbox controls. Other controls can still be selected and used, they are just harder to see.
NA GPS points are not selectable. Open
All Highlight connectivity may not display correctly, especially for very recent changes. This is due to database refresh and tile refresh timing. Deselect the segment(s), change zoom level, then select segment(s) again and connectivity highlighting should be correct. Open
All Restricted turn layer is not accurate. Recommended to not use the Restricted Turn layer Open
NA Only Area Managers can edit a Landmark. If you create a landmark and are an Area Manager, if any portion of the Landmark falls outside your managed area, you will not be able to edit it.
  • Create Landmarks that fall completely within your managed area.
  • Request an increase to your managed area.
All The prompt for speed camera speed asks for mp/h, but if your country uses km/h then the entered speed will be taken as km/h. Open
All Names containing single and double quotes (' and ") are not handled correctly Avoid entering names using single and double quotation marks. Open
All Need to refresh browser to select roads after adding street This behavior is working as designed in order to reduce the load on the server by batching certain types of updates. Open
All Autocomplete City and Street text boxes produces inaccurate suggestions. Open