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Known issues

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Recent Fixes (as of Sept. 22, 2010)

Aerial images have been restored for USA and Canada. If you previously had aerial images in your area, they will be back. If you have never had aerial images in your area, you still may not. For more information, and to report any problems please use this forum topic

Current Problems

  • If Editing more than one road of a different type the displayed road type is blank and all roads will revert to streets when changes are stored. Cartouche should not apply streets as a default when editing existing roads
  • You cannot apply a road alias to more than one segment of a road
  • Editing the geometry of a road will delete all the alias names for that road
  • If you have the "No Name Roads" layer selected in Cartouche you cannot select any roads
  • Newly plotted (unknown, red-line) roads are not showing in Cartouche at the 3 minimum zoom levels
  • Bugs can occur when deleting junctions
  • Update requests on the View Panel is not working for some users
  • House numbers need to be numeric. Note: development is reporting that they are working on this [1]

Warnings and current problems that have workarounds

  • While server upgrades have markedly increased the speed of Cartouche there are times of day when it is still very slow. This may be because the servers are performing other tasks or because there are many map editors working at the same time. If you find the map editing to be painfully slow, we don't want you to become discouraged. The best advice is to wait and try again at a different time of day
  • If you have the GPS Points layer selected it can be difficult or impossible to select a road because you are always selecting a GPS point. This can happen even if the GPS points are not visible at your current zoom level
  • If you view the connectivity of a road and then change its connectivity, the change is not usually displayed. You can force a refresh by changing the zoom level up or down
  • If you are using the Restricted Turns layer, changes to turns will not appear correctly. You can force a refresh by changing the zoom level up or down
  • Anyone can create a landmark, but only Area Managers can edit landmarks once they have been created
  • The prompt for speed camera speed asks for mph, but if your country uses km/h then the entered speed will be taken as km/h
  • Names containing single and double quotes (' and ") are not handled correctly

This section needs review

Q: What does WAD mean? A: Work As Designed.

Status Region Problem Example / image
Open World "Ordinary" streets are shown on cartouche only starting from zoom level 4. Even parking lot roads are shown at zoom level 3. There is no such problem on "www" server, where streets are shown at zoom level 3 and higher. If streets and parking lot roads are treated differently regarding relevant zoom levels, it should be other way around.
Open All House numbers do not become indexable (i.e., turn blue in Cartouche) in a majority of instances after approval by area manager. Approved house numbers (white) are shown as unapproved (red) again. This occurs when the added numbering is logical (e.g., when even numbers are on one side of the street and odds on the other) and in the case of a single house number on a street. Therefore, it is not because of the illogical number algorithm (e.g., a check to make sure that evens and odds are not on the same side of street) that Cartouche can use to override approval.
Open World Changes in street names for house numbers are not saved.
Open All "approve all marked" in pending deletions window non functional.
Solved All "Enable all turns" only partially enables all turns
Open All "remove junction" Will sometimes not merge the two segments. Best workaround found so far is to make sure connectivity is good in both direction before using this feature. Alternative workaround is to use the bridge above/below to merge the segments first, then remove node UPDATE 4/8/10: Seems to work sometimes now, but still might not merge, or if it does might change connectivity of the "newly" created segment.
Open All "Phantom" turn restrictions. When viewing turn restriction layer, "phantom" restrictions may show. These turn restrictions are normally associated with road segments or nodes that no longer exist. This is classified as a low priority problem since it does not effect routing. Some people have had success removing these by delete/recreate the road segment near the "phantom" restriction.
Open All Cannot connect segments of a roundabout with segments leading to the roundabout
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Open World Autocomplete doesn't work for City and Street text boxes
Open World Lost of GPS points lost during server split
Open World Editing own routes - no permission
Open World Editing speedcam fails silently
Open World Lost speedcams after server split
Open World ENHANCEMENT: Support multiple road names
Open All Need to refresh browser to select roads after adding city
Open All Need to refresh browser to select roads after adding street
Open All Edit road geometry misbehaves after moving intersection. Workaround is to edit the geometry of a road that connects to the intersection. Moving the end of the road, will move the intersection, and all other attached roads.
Open All Wrong average speed shown in traffic jam report, on the client view. (Bigger then the segment speed limit). IMG 0444.png
WAD World Edit geometry on new (red) roads results in "Street does not exist."
WAD World Phantom map problems / map problems that were solved in the past show up on the cartouche. The scan problems will be removed once you hit refresh (from the layers panel, next to the map problems layer box)
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
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WAD World Empty country field with new roads
Solved All Bridging does not work
Solved World Can't add new city - "No such city"
Solved World Updating 'level' in road fails silently
Solved World Adding new street
Solved All Editing multiple road details fails silently
Solved World 'Turn into a roundabout' unresponsive
Solved All Cannot remove suffix from road

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