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Known issues

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This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.

Service Issues

Check for current known service issues on the Waze Status webpage.

Recent Fixes


Known Issues

Waze App

Website (Dashboard, Community)

Date Issue Description Workaround Status

Waze Map Editor

  • Always check waze status for the latest issues and information.

In the table below, "Region" values are as follows:

  • All
  • NA (North America)
  • INTL (Global except for North America)
Date Region Issue Description Example Image/Link Workaround Status
2012-03-21 All "My places | Drives" archive is often displaying some drives incorrectly marked as "Yesterday" or "Today". + Open
2012-03-21 INTL If a lower-ranking editor (no AM) creates all segments, joined in a junction and a higher-ranking editor locks all of them, the segments' former author can still modify their connectivity arrows through the junction. Open
2012-03-05 All City layer does not update when city/state/country attributes are changed on segments. The city layer does update, but seldom, giving the impression it doesn't update at all. Waze will enable faster updates at a date to be determined. Open
2012-02-12 All Adding a new segment to an existing segment and panning while adding the new segment because it is longer than will fit on the screen, will cause the editor to duplicate the original segment and this will cause an error and will not save. Draw a short segment first and save, then extend the segment. Resolved (2012-11-05)
2012-02-12 All Cannot delete an unlocked segment last edited by a higher-ranking editor.

Location: Outside AM area, inside Editable Area Object: Unlocked segment

Previous edit by: Higher-ranking editor

Action not allowed: Deletion

Actions allowed: all others

Modify segment geometry. The segment can then be deleted. Open
2011-11-13 INTL Sometime, when saving edits (not necessarily to a roundabout), it will result in an error and the highlight will show the error on a roundabout in another country. + Undo some of the changes and try edits again. Possibly the undo is not necessary at all! Open
All Separating line checkbox is unavailable. Separating line will be not be added to the Waze Map Editor, and the display of the separating line on Primary Street road type will be removed. There is no use for this option. Resolved (removed)
All Map error "Missing Road" shows way too often and in places where there are very few GPS tracks. There is a flaw in the detection algorithm for this error which has been identified. A fix is supposed to go in by early November 2011. It seemed to work for a while, but recent evidence suggests it is still too sensitive to single outliers. Open
All Reverse connectivity is enabled when one-way roads are split in Waze Map Editor. Select the new junction and use the "Disallow all connections" function or keyboard shortcut, then individually all correct connections.

UPDATE 2012-02-27: Waze Map Editor beta now properly allows all connections according to connected segment directionality.

Resolved (2012-11-05)
All Cannot add alternate names. Resolved (2012-11-05)
All "Add intersection" sign for crossing segments doesn't appear reliably. Segments must be set to the same level, country, state (where applicable) and city. For recently drawn or modified segments which now cross each other at the same level, you may need to use the Permalink to reload the current view. The Add Intersection icon should appear above the intersection when both segments are selected. Open
All A dead end road with no junction at the end will cause routing problems for the road as a departure point. When creating a new dead-end road in the editor, a junction is not automatically applied. Open


Region Issue Description Example Image/Link Workaround Status
All In general, there is a 650 mile/ 1047km restriction on navigation routes. Some locations may still be restricted to 200 mile/322 km routes. The client will usually display that it cannot do routes over 1000 miles, but the real limit is around 650. Open
World The icon display for roundabout directions are incorrect for countries that drive on the left. Open