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(Caltex Woolworths (394 added of 600))
(Caltex (427 added of 1029))
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===[[BP Service Stations Australia| BP (23 added of 1300)]]===
===[[BP Service Stations Australia| BP (23 added of 1300)]]===
===[[Caltex| Caltex (427 added of 1029)]]===
===[[Caltex| Caltex (428 added of 1029)]]===
===[[Caltex Woolworths| Caltex Woolworths (395 added of 600)]]===
===[[Caltex Woolworths| Caltex Woolworths (395 added of 600)]]===

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  • Update this list when you add a Service Station to Waze so we can track our progress.
  • Please read the Australian Style Guide before adding Service Stations to Waze editor, to ensure consistency with the stations that are added.

Australian Service Stations

  • There are over 5,000 Service Stations in Australia. Once 70% (3500) of Australia's Service Stations have been added to the editor, Waze will release the fuel finder feature to the Australian navigation client.

7-Eleven (6 added)

BP (23 added of 1300)

Caltex (428 added of 1029)

Caltex Woolworths (395 added of 600)

Freedom Fuels (0 added of 44)

Liberty ( 2 added of ***)

Shell - Coles Express (59 added of 620)

United Petroleum ( 2 added of ***)