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Louisiana is one of the 50 United States of America.

Functional classification maps

Louisiana currently uses the Proposed Highway Functional Classification Maps (2013).

The maps can be found in the functional classification table in both interactive and PDF form.

Special rules

Dedicated U turn segments

Dedicated U turn segments in Metairie

Dedicated U turn segments in the New Orleans metropolitan area (at least) shall be named "U turn". Since U turn segments in Jefferson Parish (at least) are signed as such, and since Jefferson Parish comprises a large portion of the metropolitan area, it's best to keep the naming of U turn segments consistent.

The geometry of the segment should be set such that the instruction onto the U turn will be "turn left". For more heavily curved U turn segments, zoom in and insert a geometry node near the first junction node to create roughly a 90° angle with the road as shown in this section of the Junction Style Guide.

Area managers

Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM User Level
Level 6 Country Managers (Louisiana Based)
jasonh300 Region 4 Southcentral Regional Coordinator US Country Manager, Waze Champ, Concentrates on New Orleans, but also covers the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. PM 6
txemt Region 4 Southcentral Regional Coordinator Flordia Based PM 6
Sketch Statewide US Country Manager, Waze Champ, senior editor who has been with Waze since 2009. Concentrates on New Orleans, Northshore, Baton Rouge. PM 6
Level 5 Area Managers (Louisiana Based)
bz2012 Area Manager Baton Rouge, Lafayette. PM 5
PaintManNO Statewide Concentrates on Southern Louisiana below US-90, Baton Rouge, Lafayette. PM 5

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