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* [[How to get the free Waze client|How to get the free Waze app]] to install on your [[client device]]
* [[How to get the free Waze client|How to get the free Waze app]] to install on your [[client device]]
* [[Timing of Updates]]
* [[Timing of Updates]]
* [[FAQ]]
* [[FAQ|Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]
* [[User Manual]]
* [[User Manual]]
* [[Dashboard]]
* [[Dashboard]]

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Complete Guide to Waze (Under Development)

Waze is a free turn-by-turn GPS navigation application with verbal instructions, free map updates and real-time traffic updates. Social networking and gaming elements are optional features.

Getting Started

Getting Help

Forum Tips and Tricks

Languages and Countries

Waze is strongly committed to supporting the different countries and languages of the world but depends on your help such as by Translate waze (client text) to your local language

How You Can Help

Problems, bugs and Limitations

  • Known issues with Cartouche
  • Newly plotted (unknown, red-line) roads are not showing in Cartouche at the 3 minimum zoom levels. Waze is aware of this and are working to fix it.
  • Client device problems
  • [Currently working] On 9 September the routing server was unavailable for over 12 hours. It was also unavailable for an hour on 13 September. Client routing and Live Map routing fails with a message that the routing server could not be contacted.


  • Getting European map grids in place
  • Upgrading the world servers, which has increased the speed of editing maps in Cartouche