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Welcome to the Waze wiki.

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Editing Manual

How to fix scan problems

Scan problems are in fact warnings which appear when the program recognizes a specific area which might interrupt the navigation.
The fact that a scan problem appears in a specific area does not necessarily mean that the specific problem has to be fixed.
It is important to check if any means of fixing should actually take place.

Clicking on a scan problem will present on the edit panel additional information regarding the chosen problem. In some cases fixing suggestions will appear.

Scan problem number 1: Intersecting roads

The program might alert of this problem when two roads intersect and no mutual node (intersection) appears in between.

In case that the two roads create a junction, meaning: When there is in fact a possibility to turn from one road to the other, it is necessary to create a node in the junction between the intersection.

  1. Choose the problem icon by clicking it.
  2. In the edit panel the chosen problem will appear including the relevant roads.In the bottom of the panel a possible solution will appear: Create junction
  3. choose this option and confirm.

Please note that in many cases the problem does not need to be corrected. The attached example demonstrates two roads which seem they intersect but in fact there's a bridge above one road. In this case the bridge should be marked as such:

  1. Choose one of the sections of the bridge (the first by direction of the traffic).
  2. Hold Ctrl key and select the second section of the bridge, so that the two sections around the problem No. 1 are now highlighted.
  3. In the Edit panel select Bridge above mutual node.
  4. Another option is to change the level of the two road segments on Edit road details panel

Scan problem number 3: road contained in another road

The program will alert you when two overlapped segments appear in exactly the same place and connected to the same connection points. Without any warning of this problem, it is not always possible to see that there are two roads in the same place because one hides the other.

The most simple way to solve the problem is:

  1. Highlight the relevant (visible) segment.
  2. In the Edit panel choose Edit road geometry
  3. change the shape of the road so it reveals the road below and then confirm your changes.
  4. delete the unnecessary road - if there is one road that contains less information, such as a street's name or traffic direction, you should delete this one.
  5. Make sure that the road that remained after deletion is back in its original form using the Edit road geometry.

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