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All about Waze - the Way To Go

All about Waze

B.gif Waze is the world's first social GPS navigation with spoken turn-by-turn directions and routes based on real-time traffic speed - all for free

B.gif 100% powered by users, the more you drive, the better it gets

B.gif Join the community of drivers in your area today! Download the free Waze app

B.gif Find out more about Waze

Using the Waze app

Using the Waze app

B.gif Download the free Waze app for your supported smartphone

B.gif Read the User Manual

B.gif Read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a glossary of terms

B.gif Find out more about using the Waze app

Social networking and gaming with Waze

Social networking and gaming with Waze

B.gif Road munching, road goodies, points and scoreboard

B.gif Waze Groups, Pinging and Chit Chat

B.gif Foursquare and the Road Warrior badge

B.gif Facebook

B.gif Twitter

Using the Waze website

Using the Waze website
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Map editing

Map editing
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Overview: How it all works together

Overview: How it all works together
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Getting started

If you have problems, try and find your own solution or ask the community for help:

If all else fails, you can email Waze with your problem

Problems, bugs and limitations

Waze is a fun and sophisticated navigation app. In the many areas where wazers have worked on the maps for just a couple of months, it is already far superior to commercial GPS navigation aids. Waze is the best and keeps getting better.

But it is not perfect. None of these problems stop Waze from working and being useful. But they are listed here for your information, and so you know they are being worked on.

Development plans and priorities

Waze is growing fast in features and popularity. This is not a complete list of development areas, but should reassure you that Waze is aware of your concerns and is working to make things better.

Current development focus includes:

  • Upgrading the worldwide infrastructure to allow Waze to support the growing number of users while making the service more reliable
  • Bug fixing
  • Integrating features to generate revenue for Waze
  • Releasing feature equal clients for Android and iOS
  • Adding the ability to search for location by UK postcodes
  • Supporting correct routing of authorized veichles on Carpool, HOV, Transit lanes
  • Implementing a web interface to allow editors to immediately close streets for a specified period.

Recently completed:

  • Upgrading the World servers, which has increased the reliability and speed of editing maps
  • Improved the routing in areas of Private Roads and Parking Lot roads
  • ASR (Automated Speech recognition)
  • TTS (Text to Speech voice guided turn-by-turn instructions that announce the street names for upcoming turns) in multiple languages
  • Gas price integration
  • POI category search
  • Toll Road avoidance
  • Time of day turn restrictions
  • Time of day road directionality changes
  • Implementing road blocks and road closures