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Alguien dbería ir a la lista de deseos (wishlist) y asegurarse de que todos los items están en la sección Uservoice

When reporting a danger / accident on a highway there should be and option to choose right side or left side of the highway, as well as if it is divided highway (meaning 2 roads in each direction) you should have the option to choose the inner roadway, outer roadway or other direction.

On release 3.7 I noticed a short cut for Friends. It would be great to have "hotspots/Shortcuts" on the sides as tabs that can be configured by the user. I would make one for Police, traffic, and hazard. You should be able to set the attirbutes (level of hazard, Police hidden visible, traffic level) This would make it MUCH safer to use the system while driving and make it more accurate, as you dont need to go thru 3-4 steps to create alert.